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2012 Mondraker Summum Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Mondraker Summum Frame

2012 mondraker summum frame   2012 Mondraker Summum Frame

For riders who are looking for the most hassle-free frame, Mondraker has reintroduced its carefully crafted frame called Summum for 2012. In order to maintain its stiffness and strength while saving weight, the Summum uses Stealth construction, which also makes the frame look unique.

As compared to its 2011 version, this new Summum is slightly renewed in terms of painting and graphics. The 2012 model will be available in two versions, the black Pro Team and the justin bieber concert tickets girlfriend quiz wrote on Twitter: “the Puck will be missed, but it was time for a break. limited edition green Pro team MFT, which also comes with Fabien Barel’s signature.

By using Zero Suspension Technology, the 2012 Mondraker Summum Frame eradicates every hassle on the pedals and on the chain. In other words, the Summum is an affordable frame that allows the riders to enjoy pointing…

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Mondraker Podium Carbon Futuristic Concept Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mondraker Podium Carbon Futuristic Concept Bike

mondraker podium carbon futuristic concept bike   Mondraker Podium Carbon Futuristic Concept Bike

Mondraker, a Spanish bicycle manufacturer, has come up with a futuristic concept bike, the Podium Carbon. One of the latest hi-tech cycling items on the market today. This is a hot item to watch out for. Its new frame is created with a proprietary fabrication process making it stiffer than its predecessor.

To reduce the height of the front, Mondraker took off the stem and integratef it with the frame. By doing this, the steering tube is shortened while the front area of the bike is strengthened. Consequently, the force transmission from the upper body to the trail is enhanced.

Featured by the Modraker Podium Carbon Futuristic Concept Bike is the incredibly revolutionary Tronesque lines that introduce an integrated stem technology that has been seen on road bikes in recent years. Now, Mondraker is the first one to apply this technology to mountain bikes.

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Mondraker Integrated FOX40 Crown & Stem Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mondraker Integrated FOX40 Crown & Stem Prototype

mondraker integrated fox40 crown stem prototype   Mondraker Integrated FOX40 Crown & Stem Prototype

Mondraker is going all out on testing the new Fox40 crown and stem, which is fused together. As of now, the Mondraker Integrated FOX40 Crown and Stem is a prototype, and is expected to be used with all the team riders to receive solid feedback. Mondraker stated that the stem and crown weighs only 253 grams, which is lighter than the Fox Crown and stem offering (368 grams). The new Mondraker integrated crown and stem takes away the use of 4 screws, and its flat design allows additional adjustments. More information coming soon.

Source: Sicklines

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