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Mission Workshop 2012 Spring Arkiv System Video

mission workshop 2012 spring arkiv system video   Mission Workshop 2012 Spring Arkiv System Video

Coming to the market for spring this year is the Arkiv System by Mission Workshop.

What exactly is the Arkiv System you ask? It’s a cleaver bag line with an attachment system developed over the course of some extensive testings by the San Francisco based cycling bag conglomerate, Mission Workshop. The bags are said to raise the bar for securely transporting goods and versatility.

The two bags viewable in this video are soon to be released. Just when is unknown at the moment. Check back for availability details. Video after the fold.

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Mission Workshop Orion Jacket

mission workshop orion jacket   Mission Workshop Orion Jacket

Mission Workshop‘s new Orion Jacket uses an intelligent fabric called the Schoeller c_change™. The fabric was designed to adjust to climate change. If the temperature outside becomes warm, the jacket pushes out heat, making it cooler. If the weather becomes colder, the Orion Jacket retains the heat to keep its wearer warm.

The Orion Jacket has a riding design that features a removable hood, a longer back cut and articulated sleeves. Waterproof yet breathable, it has front pockets, an internal iPod pocket, external cellphone pocket and a rear pocket with a zipper. Water literally rolls off the jacket’s fabric.

Seam-sealed with a pit-zip ventilation, it comes in a slim-fit form with four sizes to choose from. MSRP is $400.

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Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

mission workshop spd sneakers   Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

Mission Workshop shoes their new sneaker, with the looks of something you can wear everyday, but is actually a SPD cleat. As a matter of fact, you can wear the Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers out on the town, in offices, and pretty much anywhere. Due to the recessed cleat, you can also wear the Mission Workshop SPD with toeclips. As of now, retail and release date is not known.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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Shed Messenger Bag from Mission Workshop

shed messenger bag from mission workshop 300x300   Shed Messenger Bag from Mission Workshop
Mission Workshop releases its latest messenger bag called the Shed. Constructed with weatherproof material, the Shed is an all-around utility bag suitable for daily rides. The Shed has five internal zip pockets that are ideal for transporting documents, folders and other materials. To add, the Shed has water-resistant qualities, including its urethane coated zippers. The strap is made from anodized aluminum so it’s light and you can adjust the strap single-handed. The cross-chest strap stabilizer can be detached.

Other features of the Shed include a roll-top cargo compartment to keep your things dry and safe. It has two outboard pockets that are easy to reach while riding. For your valuables, the Shed has four individual pockets tucked inside the secondary compartment zipper. The center compartment can also accommodate most laptop sizes.

The messenger bag measures 20” x 6” x 12”. Retailing at $179.00, the Shed is available in colors black, olive…

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Mission Workshop The Rummy Roll Top Messenger Bag

mission workshop the rummy roll top messenger bag   Mission Workshop The Rummy Roll Top Messenger Bag

Mission Workshop shows us their newest messenger bag, the Rummy Roll Top, which is built with urethane coated Cordura, which is said to be indestructible. Mission Workshop The Rummy Roll Top Messenger Bag uses a reversible shoulder strap, hide away buckles, and custom metal hardware so you can adjust with one hand. The Rummy roll top closure acts as a standard flap, and is storm proof for the days of bad weather. Available in March 2010.

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