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Mirraco 2011 BMX Bikes Sneak Peak

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mirraco 2011 BMX Bikes Sneak Peak

mirraco 2011 bmx bikes sneak peak   Mirraco 2011 BMX Bikes Sneak Peak

Mirraco BMX is starting to roll out the 2011 bikes, and unfortunately very little details are available. As you can see, a group shot was taken, and the Mirraco 2011 BMX bikes are being put into catalog form as we speak. Using bright colors combined very nicely, while two models known are the eDIT and Bronson. Click below to see the rest of the images.

Via Transworld

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Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX

mirraco canvas 2010 bmx   Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX

Introducing the Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX bike which is available in one colorway of white/lime and has a long list of cool specifications. Breaking down the Mirraco Canvas 2010 starting with the full heat treated frame with integrated head tube, 4 mm thick dropouts, and removable brake bosses and cable guides. Utilizing full crmo fork with alloy CNC cap, Black Label alloy rims, 3 piece crmo lite cranks, and a pivotal padded saddle. Weighing 25 pounds without pegs, while the Mirraco Canvas 2010 comes with one pair of steel pegs….

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