pinit fg en rect gray 20   Montague Paratrooper Fold Up Military Bike

montague fold up paratrooper military bikes   Montague Paratrooper Fold Up Military Bike

Montague is a corporation located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its claim to fame is selling the “Paratrooper” folding bikes to the US Military.

The Montague Fold Up Paratrooper bike will release in a “Pro” version this Winter for $1,049.

Paratrooper received its name from soldiers strapping the bike to their backs while parachuting from an airplane. Upon landing, the soldiers would detach the folding bike and ride into the fields.

The Paratrooper is not your traditional folding bike. Fully assembled, the Paratrooper is a 26 inch mountain bike with 24 speeds. No tools are required for assembly.

Surprisingly, the Montague Paratrooper only comes in Army green (sarcasm).

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