pinit fg en rect gray 20   Milani Cycles 2010 Bikes

milani cycles 2010 bikes   Milani Cycles 2010 Bikes

Although the brand has produced Bikes starting in 1927, Milani Cycles relaunched in 2007 by Celeste Milani. For 2010, Milani Cycles features three types of bikes; race, vintage and special while each frame is still hand made. Starting from the Road Bike race lineup, available are the Acciaio Puro, the Specialissima, and N109. More exciting for commuters and even fixed gear riders, the vintage section basically takes past models and updates products for today’s riding style, but the Velocita’ Urbana pays tribute to the 1950′s and is manufactured with Columbus tubesets.

Source: Roadcyclinguk

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