pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Orange Miii Mountain Bike Frame

2012 orange miii mountain bike frame   2012 Orange Miii Mountain Bike Frame

Another new state-of-the-art mountain bike frame from Orange Bikes for 2012 is the Miii, the ideal frame for 4X riders. This unrivaled frame offers all the details of the high standards that every 4X rider requires, such as the short stays and two frame sizes to keep the rider always covered on the racetrack.

With Miii, riders can still look stylish while jumping and pumping down the 4X track or at the trails. The front end is kept stiff and lightweight by the signature monocoque down-tube. Also, the polished Quattro Box stays provides sprinting edge and resistance from the unavoidable cased landing.
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Being the strongest and stiffest lightweight frame on the market today, the 2012 Orange Miii Mountain Bike Frame is indeed a masterpiece. No other mountain bike frames let riders rail, roll, scrub, snap, whip, and triple with so much…

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