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2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

2011 michelin pro4 road bike tire range   2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range

Michelin introduced the new PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range during its 120th anniversary celebration this 2011. The new bike tires offer enhanced longevity and performance. As compared to the PRO3, the PRO4 Service Course improves wet surface cornering speed by 16%.

On the other hand, the PRO4 features a better cut resistance and a new dual compound tread as well. In rolling resistance, the Comp Service Course offers a 7% improvement with a 150tpi casing and minimal 180g weight.

Four tires are included in the 2011 Michelin PRO4 Road Bike Tire Range. These are the Endurance with longer tire life and enhanced protection, Service Course with all-around performance, Comp Service Course with rolling efficiency emphasis, and Comp Limited Service Course with unprecedented rolling efficiency and maximized for speed.

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Wild Tire Range from Michelin

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Wild Tire Range from Michelin

wild tire range from michelin 300x56   Wild Tire Range from MichelinMichelin’s latest Wild Tire Range consists of a variety of tires, each featuring its own tread patterns for hardpack, intermediate and extreme riding. However, each range carries different widths, casing and compounds. You can choose from 26 tires in the line-up.

The WildRock’R range is for extreme terrain. The tires featured under this group have circumferential grooves for precision steering. It has huge tread blocks to keep you from feeling the punishing force of a rocky terrain. It also has aggressive shoulder blocks to make climbing out of tight spots easy for you to do.

The WildRun’R range is for road training purposes. It promises a smooth ride with 1.40 size and larger air volume. If you’re more concerned on weight, the 1.10 Advanced Light is ideal since it also has reinforced density to withstand punctures as you train.

The WildRace’R range is for smooth terrain or hardpack. The tread blocks are…

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