pinit fg en rect gray 20   Barry and McMillans Le Metier Published

barry and mcmillans le metier published   Barry and McMillans Le Metier Published

Michael Barry, a rider for Team Sky who is also a column writer for New York Times comes up with Le Metier, a glimpse on the life, troubles, and survival of cyclists. This is not the first book about cycling that Barry published but in Le Metier, he teams up with Camille McMillan of Rouleur who produced photographs that were told to have paired perfectly with Barry’s soothing prose.

The fusion of both’s art gave the professional cycling world a new face that will capture readers into awe and oddity that people in and out of the cycling world can appreciate.

People who would like to grab a copy of the very limited hardback editionmust know th is 204 pages thick and 35 pounds heavy. Indeed a limited edition because it is signed by both of the authors, is also due for release.

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