pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike

2011 ellsworth method freeride bike   2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike

A new freeride bike called the Method is launched by Ellsworth this 2011. It was named the Method by Rick B. from Spokane, Washington, the winner of the contest, “Name it. Win it. Ride it.” Rick said that the name stands for the bike’s simplicity and clean lines.

Most of all, Rick said that the bike fits the name Method because it adheres to something that works instead of following the hottest acronym or fad. All these amazing attributes are reflected by the bike models and their names and feel.

Perfectly described in a single word, the Method is the epitome of the way Ellsworth does things. The 2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike is manufactured through a system that works and an application of new ways to refine it.

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