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Velo Transit Messenger Packs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Velo Transit Messenger Packs

velo transit messenger packs 1 300x300   Velo Transit Messenger Packs

The Chinatown Messenger Pack from Velo Transit looks similar to the Sodo model–the longer version, that is.

The Velo Transit Messenger pack comes with an adjustable sternum strap, shoulder pads and back pads from Ergo and side stash pockets. It also has compression straps on the sides and a triple organizer pocket under the flap of the messenger pack.

For visibility on the road, it has reflective stripes and a blinker mount. The Chinatown is made from 1000 D Tex Nylon with 1680 Ballistics and Hypalon.

Improving on its messenger packs, Velo Transit also features RF welded lining. It comes in two sizes and also has a model for women. Retail price is $169.95.

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Rickshaw Zero Messenger Tweed Bags

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rickshaw zero messenger tweed bags   Rickshaw Zero Messenger Tweed Bags

Rickshaw Bagworks gives the Zero Messenger bag a taste of tweed! Inspiration for the Rickshaw zero messenger tweed bags came from woolen textiles of Scotland and Ireland, a dash of British royalty, and a well known Scotland Yard detective.

All the tweed messenger bags are made of 100% recycled polyester, stain resistant coating, while each are high tech and eco friendly. Retail price is $80, and colors available are Earl Grey, Piccadilly, Secret Garden (green), Stout (dark brown), and Yellow Submarine.

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Black Rose Commuter Bags

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Black Rose Commuter Bags

black rose commuter bags 1 300x224   Black Rose Commuter BagsBlack Rose Bags is a new and upcoming company that takes on materials that have been thrown and deemed unusable and skillfully transform them into custom bike bags. The bags come in different styles to suit the various needs of cyclists everywhere. For the environment-conscious rider, this could be your “green” contribution.

The Black Rose Bags line is made up of five models. The Easy Portage bag uses heavy canvas with nylon lining, as well as leather straps. This retails for $69.00. Similar to the Easy Portage bag is the Rainy Day (Vegan) which is also a medium sized commuter bag for $89.00. Other bags feature Velcro to close its openings like the Solidarity Vegan bag which sells for $49.00.

There’s also the Grocery Getter bag which is made for large overhauls. It has waxed canvas and reflective straps on the flap for visibility and costs $69.00. On the other…

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Seagull Summer Black Messenger Bags

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Seagull Summer Black Messenger Bags

seagull summer black messenger bags   Seagull Summer Black Messenger Bags

Looking for a new messenger bag? Seagull just released the new summer edition of the black bag. A medium sized Seagull Summer Black Bag will run you $105, while the large retails at $125. As we can see, the messenger bag features a teal blue, black straps, and brown. To make sure you receive the summer black bag, purchase, and leave a comment in the post.

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Chrome Staff Design Citizens Messenger Bags

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chrome staff design citizens messenger bags   Chrome Staff Design Citizens Messenger Bags

Chrome has launched the Staff Design collection using the Citizen messenger bags. Three Chrome staff members has designed a Chrome Citizen bag, while each is respectively named after the designer, Eddy, Joanie, and Anne. All three come in multiple vibrant colors, and are available in limited quantities. Only released in the medium sized messenger bag with a retail price of $160.

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