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Vulpine Merino Cycling T-Shirt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vulpine Merino Cycling T Shirt

vulpine merino cycling t shirt   Vulpine Merino Cycling T Shirt

Designed for ultimate cyclists who are fashion-conscious is the new Vulpine Merino Cycling T-Shirt. Cut lean and long, the shirt can be worn either as a base-layer or as a casual cycling shirt. Nice touches include flat-lock stitched seams, a subtle reflective detail, and a small button pocket at its rear.

Built from a mid-weight, fine-grade 100% merino wool, the Vulpine merino T-shirt is not only very soft and comfortable. Moreover, the garment offers exceptional odor resistance and sweat-wicking quality for all-day rides.

While it is cut close, this full-merino wool T-shirt is not irritatingly skin-tight. For night rides, optimal visibility is offered by its reflective strip across its pocket. With its embroidered logos, this garment is expected to last for years.

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2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket

2011 bosun merino wool bike jacket   2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket

Fashionable cyclists will surely love to add the 2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket to their cycling apparel collection. One of the major features of this lightweight jacket is the perfect cyclist base layer.

From the full apparel collection of Mission Workshop, this cycling jacket is constructed from New Zealand merino wool and provides an external mobile phone pocket, internal ipod pocket, touring-style zippers, and tweave reinforced shoulders and elbows.

What makes the 2011 Bosun Merino Wool a fully-taped waterproof, breathable jacket perfect for cycling is the Orion Waterproof Shell and the four-way stretch Schoeller c_change™ fabric. For extra mobility, the jacket has an entire bottom ¾ of the bike jacket in the merino wool fabric.

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2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

2011 zephyr merino longjohns   2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

Built with great versatility, the 2011 Zephyr Longjohns are a certified favorite Merino cycling underwear thanks to its top quality 100% Superfine Merino wool. Comfort during road rides it is guaranteed by this incredibly soft gear that gives a soothing touch to the skin.

To minimize washing and allow for constant wearing, this sporty garment has natural anti-bacteria properties making it ideal for the adventurous rider. With enhanced durability are a soft elastic waistband and comfortable flatlocked seams.

Prior to its process and knitting in EU eco-label certified spinners, the fiber of the 2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns is derived from Natural Tasmanian wool accredited farms. Weighing 190gms with a classic fit, this cycling underwear features durable construction.

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