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2012 Merida Reacto 907-Di2 Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Merida Reacto 907 Di2 Frame

2012 merida reacto 907 di2 frame   2012 Merida Reacto 907 Di2 Frame

Merida, a Taiwanese brand with German engineering, has made several of its products more affordable for 2012, which include the Reacto 907-Di2 frame. Although the Merida is focused on cross-country mountain bikes, it also covers singlespeed commuters as well as high-end road bikes.

Among the high-end road bikes, the Reacto 907-Di2 frame is the top model in the range. Utilizing double chamber technology, the frame is built from high-modulus carbon fiber and offers an enhanced rigidity in some particular areas.

While the 2012 Merida Reacto 907-Di2 Frame is not new, this model is the first one to be equipped with electronic shifting. This new Ultegra flavor replaces the very costly Dura-Ace variety from Shimano. Thus, this frame is made more affordable but its quality is enhanced.

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2011 Merida Matts 10-V Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Merida Matts 10 V Mountain Bike

2011 merida matts 10 v mountain bike   2011 Merida Matts 10 V Mountain Bike

Recommended for mountain bike beginners is the 2011 Merida Matts 10-V. While it is one of the mountain bikes of the lowest price on the market, the Merida Matts 10-V offers many reliable features including seating comfort and safe riding control.

As a marvelous budget bike, this machine features cost effective components, including Suntour XCT V3 fork and Shimano EF51 / TY10 / Altus drive train. A great example of its high quality components at a low price is the Merida Matts 6000 Series heat treated aluminum frame.

The specs of the 2011 Merida Matts 10-V Mountain Bike includes 21 Speeds, V Brakes and 80mm of travel, making it ideal for beginners. This is certainly an affordable bike that guarantees an awesome riding experience. The bike is also available in 14.5″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″ sizes.

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2011 Merida Time Warp 4 Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Merida Time Warp 4 Triathlon Bike

2011 merida time warp 4 triathlon bike   2011 Merida Time Warp 4 Triathlon Bike

For TT and triathlon athletes who are aiming for cycling that is faster than the wind, the 2011 Merida Time Warp 4 Triathlon Bike is recommended. With its strictly aerodynamic tubing and consequent aero-bar oriented geometry, the Merida Time Warp 4 is an ideal weapon for overcoming air resistance at maximum speed.

Slide control technology is featured in the Prologo Nago EVO TRI40 Saddle of the 2011 Merida Time Warp 4 Triathlon Bike. Through this slide control technology, riders can prevent sliding forward on the saddle.

Durability and excellent cornering are guaranteed by the Rubino Pro Slick tires used by the tri bike . With a slick twin tread design, the Rubino Pro Slick tires perform well in racing and training. Kevlar Endura 3D Compound also provides wear resistance and excellent tread life to the tires of the Merida Time bike.

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2011 Merida Cyclo Cross CF 907

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Merida Cyclo Cross CF 907

2011 merida cyclo cross cf 907 300x164   2011 Merida Cyclo Cross CF 907

Merida Bikes has engineered a cyclocross bike, the 2011 Cyclo Cross CF 907, that aims to address the demands of the sport. The ‘cross bike features several technologies from Merida’s Research and Development team to ensure a winning ‘cross bike.

The CF 907 features a 1.5 tapered headtube and a BB30 bottom bracket, which helps in reducing the brake stutter commonly experienced in cyclocross. The upper fork section between the crown and brake bosses is made super stiff. However, the fork ends remain soft for easy steering. Made from carbon composite materials, the CF 907 has a carbon fork with a frame reinforced with NANO particles, making it hit-resistant.

To keep all the cabling in place, all rearward cables use a designated tunnel found at the underside of the top tube. The seat and chainstays are specifically designed with Merida’s Flex Stay tech to make vibration damping and comfort a priority.


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2011 Merida Mountain Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Merida Mountain Bikes

2011 merida mountain bikes   2011 Merida Mountain Bikes

Merida unveils three new mountain bikes for 2011, which are the One-Twenty, Twenty-Nine, and Matts Scandium.

The Merida 2011 One Twenty uses full carbon fiber, weighing in at 1.86kg, and has 100mm of travel. Adding in a 18 inch sample fitted and DT Swiss M210 shocks brings the overall weight to 2.1kg. Comparing to the Ninety-Six, the One Twenty is 20% stiffer.

Fusing tube to tube construction and monocoque, the downtube also contains a double chamber. The process of tube to tube was achieved by using high modulus carbon fiber. A relaxed head angle (at 69 degrees) is one of the changes. This feature adds stability to riding downhill or racing.

The big surprise from Merida is the 29er MTB, simply known as the Twenty-Nine. Since many in the UK have requested a 29er, Merida answered. “Our German design team have slaved and studied…

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Merida 2010 Mountain Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Merida 2010 Mountain Bikes

merida 2010 mountain bikes   Merida 2010 Mountain Bikes

For 2010, Merida releases two amazing bikes as an addition to their quality product line. The first one is a carbon hardtail and the other is a 120mm full suspension bike.

Aptly named One-Twenty, the 120mm bike was designed to carry the tag of a do-it-all bike for various types if riding. Merida is marketing the bike as the one ride you can use whether you want it for a 24-hour race event or simply for some backcountry trail riding.

The One-Twenty has an aluminium frame and other aluminium hardware to keep the weight light. It has Merida’s new 3D rocker linkage with a single pivot design.

The price range for the full suspension bike varies from £1,123.90 to £2,247.82. This is dependent on which fork, brakes and other parts you prefer to have. You can choose from having a Fox FRL 120mm fork, an SR Epicon LOD fork, X-Fusion 02RC shock, SLX…

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