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2011 Mercury M3 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mercury M3 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

2011 mercury m3 carbon clincher wheelset   2011 Mercury M3 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Hand built in the US with precision and skill and tested by the Kenda Pro Cycling GEARGRINDER team, the 2011 Mercury M3 wheelset features a beautiful 6/4 titanium freehub body from White Industry hubs as well as an oversized 15mm axle and a 24 point engagement.

The wheel spokes employ Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes to enforce a proper strength to weight ratio and better aerodynamics. This 39mm carbon set also weighs 1150 grams, easily making it one of the lighter wheelsets available to the market right now. While the reviewed item was the clincher wheelset, Mercury Bikes also boasts of the traditional tubular wheelsets both of which would online casino still have a wide flange and Carbon specific brake pads and Mercury’s wheelbag.

While most wheelsets pay little attention to a wheel’s nipples, the 2011 Mercury M3 clincher focuses on nipples by adding DT Pro Lock nipples, which are…

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2011 Mercury M-Series Wheelsets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mercury M Series Wheelsets

mercury m series wheelsets   2011 Mercury M Series Wheelsets

Mercury Bikes introduces its 2011 M-series clincher or tubular wheelsets composed of the M-3, M-5, M-9 and M-Alloy. The wheelsets were constructed with simplicity and quality in mind. Together with valuable feedback from the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER Team, Mercury Bikes made several improvisations to ensure the M-Series stronger and lighter for road racing.

Features to note for the M-Series wheelsets are its 6/4 titanium freehub body, White Industry hubs, oversized 15mm axle and 24-point engagement. It uses Sapim CX-Ray spokes and DT Pro Lock nipples. All the wheelsets are handbuilt in the US and come with a double padded wheelbag, titanium skewers and carbon specific brake pads.

The M-3 is a 39mm full carbon wheelset at 1150g. With a 59mm rim, the M-5 is a wheel you can use for crits, climbing and daily commutes. It weighs 1430g. The 86mm depth of th M-9 wheelset makes it ideal for…

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