pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike

2012 commencal meta am mountain bike   2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike

Commencal has launched its revamped Meta enduro and all-mountain bike for 2012 named Meta AM. Since 2005, the Meta has been an internationally acclaimed bike legend on the MTB market. With new Supreme DH V3, the redesigned 2012 model offers amazing features and geometry.

Included in the bike’s new improvements are lowered center of gravity, modernized geometry made lower and longer, and a Cane creek-standard tapered head tube. A new 12mm x 142mm standard rear hub facilitates rear wheel removal and installation and increases rear wheel lateral stiffness.

Included as one of the MBR magazine’s 10 best bikes of the decade, the Meta is a legendary mountain bike that is not easy to replace. On the other hand, the 2012 Commencal Meta AM Mountain Bike is a must-have mountain bike optimized for 2 x 10 transmissions and offers better agility.

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