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2011 Mavic Reflex Road Rim

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic Reflex Road Rim

2011 mavic reflex road rim   2011 Mavic Reflex Road Rim

With 100 years of experience, Mavic is known for producing reliable cycling products such as the Reflex road rim for 2011. Extremely light at 360g in 32 holes, this road tubular rim is one of the best that the modern day riders can find on the market today.

SUP, Maxtal, UB Control, and CD are just some of the high end technologies featured in this new Mavic road rim. The Reflex features a more responsive lateral stiffness of +11% and an easier to build torsional stiffness at + 21%.

Made with a wide range of new technologies, the 2011 Mavic Reflex Road Rim promises super performance. With the same strength and durability as any other Mavic road rim, the Reflex is an affordable ultimate rim roadies will surely love.

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2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe

2011 mavic razor mountain bike shoe   2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe

Great price, comfort, and performance makes the Mavic Razor one of the best mountain bike shoes in 2011. Almost every rider will find the basic two straps and one ratchet system very useful. Made of glass reinforced nylon sole, the Razor gives the riders sufficient flex for mountain biking.

For off-the-saddle pedaling, the Razor is constructed to be super stiff. Contagrip material from Mavic allows for an aggressive tread pattern that gives the shoes a solid grip on rock and wood. Even on moist surfaces, Razor can still keep the wearer tightly planted.

Riders will enjoy the enhanced pedal grip of Razor on tough terrains, thanks to the micro pattern between the heel and toe box on its sole. Constructed to be breathable and solid, the uppers combine synthetic leather and mesh.

Aesthetically, the 2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe is able to provide a fashionable look without having to put…

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2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

2011 mavic race sl ti pedals   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

It seems like 2011 is the year when pedals are experiencing a revival and Mavic is out to prove that all is fair in love and war with their 2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedal, which clocks in at an astonishing 220g total weight, a definite lightweight champion in racing bike pedals.

The Mavic Race SL pedal is as unique as can be. Equipped with an ultralight titanium spindle, this new pedal is as light as a feather but delivers the exact amount of force from your legs and feet right smack into the bike. Since the spindle was crafted using titanium, there are no weight limits on riders who can use this great pedal.

To make the pedal even lighter, Mavic has incorporated into the Race’s design the absence of wrench flats and instead has opted to use an opening for an 8mm Allen key.

The pedal in itself…

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2011 Mavic Avenir Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic Avenir Shoe

2011 mavic avenir shoe   2011 Mavic Avenir Shoe

The Avenir from Mavic is a road bike shoe designed to be lightning fast and durable. It comes with an energy carbon composite outsole, which is a combination of glass fiber and nylon inserts for a light yet stiff sole. Agion anti-bacterial treatment is also applied on the Avenir. The preshaped dual density composite insole is brilliantly closed off with a high density rear cradle to keep the ergonomics of the foot at its optimum when pedaling. To add comfort, the Ergo 3D EVA foam tongue insert can be found on the instep.

The 2011 Avenir bears other quality features like two comfortable straps, a synthetic heel counter and synthetic mesh upper. Weighs 315g and also has reflective highlights for safety, Mavic Avenir Shoe for 2011 retails for $129.95.

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Mavic Tri Helium Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mavic Tri Helium Shoe

mavic tri helium shoe   Mavic Tri Helium Shoe

The Tri Helium Shoe from Mavic is an asset for speedy transitions and pedal power in triathlons. With proven race technologies applied on the triathlon shoe, Mavic retails it for $350.

For a combination of stiffness and comfort, the Tri Helium shoe has a carbon SL outsole. This also means that it is super light with a weight of 240g. It comes with Ergo Fit SL, a preshaped composite insole with Agion anti-bacterial treatment.

The triathlon shoe has stitched seams for a pressure-free hold on your foot via the Ergo Lite upper. It also features Ergo Lite Toe Cap for toe protection and a customized strap system.

The Tri Helium optimizes transition time with its patented easy-on strap made up of one large velcro closure. It uses an advanced and more lighter Ergo Strap SL to keep your foot secure. There’s also a 3D carbon heel counter technology called the Ergo…

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2011 Mavic SSC Line

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic SSC Line

2011 mavic ssc line   2011 Mavic SSC Line

Mavic reveals its Special Service Course line for 2011. The SSC Line is made up of the Cosmic Carbone 80, Cosmic Carbone SLR, R-Sys SLR and the Ksyrium SLR. The SSC line was intended for Mavic’s high-end wheels. Mavic has a new rim treatment called Exalith which gives the rim a wear-proof finish and will require a special brake compound.

The R-Sys SLR is designed to cater sportive and gran fondo riders. It features redesigned spokes with multi-directional fiber. It also has new Exalith rims for the front and rear. It is available in tubular or clincher versions. The R-Sys SLR tubular weighs 1955 grams and retails at $2080. The clincher version weighs 1994 grams and is priced at $2000.

The Ksyrium SLR also comes in clincher or tubular versions. It also uses Exalith rims. The clincher version retails at $1800 while the tubular version has a tag price of $1880.


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Mavic Yksion K10 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mavic Yksion K10 Wheelset

mavic k10 wheelset 300x225   Mavic Yksion K10 WheelsetThe K10 is Mavic’s latest wheelset to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Mavic Ksyrium. This was the first wheelset from Mavic which was used with aerodynamic spokes. The K10 wheelset includes tires and inner tubes and wheel weights for the Yksion. It has no skewers and weighs 638/832 grams for front/rear without tires and tubes.

The tire weighs 225 grams each and uses a dual compound tread called GripLINK. This allows for a strong and steady grip on the road, especially when you are speeding up or turning on a sharp corner. The K10 guarantees a smooth ride with sturdy, stiff yet light tires, reinforced with technology like ISM 3D with rims and Isopulse spoke lacing.

Topping at 2100 grams with tires and tubes, the Mavic K10 wheelset retails at $1,400.00.

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