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2012 Mavic Peloton Road Shoes

2012 mavic peloton road shoes   2012 Mavic Peloton Road Shoes

For riders who are on a budget, the new race-ready shoes called Peloton released by Mavic for 2012 are perfect for the road. While they are very affordable, this road shoe guarantees maximum comfort, excellent fit, superb energy transfer, and great performance.

To make sure that the quality of the Peloton is still competitive, Mavic designed it with the latest technologies. These include Agion anti bacterial treatment, 3D instep EVA comfort zone, and mesh inserts, which allow for excellent moisture management.
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With the 2012 Mavic Peloton Road Shoes, riders do not have to compromise comfort and performance to get the best value, thanks to its synthetic and mesh upper features, its low profile of Energy Outsole, and its 3 microfiber comfort straps.

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2012 Mavic Zoya Mountain Bike Shoes for Women

2012 mavic zoya mountain bike shoes for women   2012 Mavic Zoya Mountain Bike Shoes for Women

Ideal for women who are looking for a new pair of mountain bike shoes for 2012 is the latest version of Zoya from Mavic. With its fresh updates, these shoes offer even more comfort on the trail. One of its women-specific features is its pre-shaped composite insole called Ergo Fit Women.

The major update of the Zoya is its new Trail Grip Outsole, which optimizes traction and stability, while making energy transfer even more comfortable. Other trail-friendly features of this off-road shoe include EVA midsole, split suede and mesh upper, lace and strap closure, and toe and heel protection.
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Weighing in at only 345g, 2012 Mavic Zoya Mountain Bike Shoes for Women is lightweight but rugged. However, it still offers solid construction and fashionable feminine styling. Aside from optimal trail comfort, these shoes also provide women riders with Agion antibacterial treatment.

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2012 Mavic Syncro Helmet

2012 mavic syncro helmet   2012 Mavic Syncro Helmet

Highly ventilated and lightweight, the 2012 Mavic Syncro Helmet is one of the most reliable cycling helmets for hot rides. Included in its state-of-the-art technologies are the ergo fit pad and the ergo hold retention system, which make the helmet highly innovative.

With progressive padding, comfort is maximized. To further enhance comfort as well as moisture management, low-density open cell foam and soft moisture wicking fabric are combined. Doing the same function are the integrated ergo pad and dual density high grip dial that is ergonomically designed.

Featuring both amazing comfort and a reliable race-ready performance, the Syncro is the ideal helmet during summer and for long rides. Adaptability is maximized by its removable visor while visibility is enhanced by its reflective highlights.

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2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet

2012 mavic plasma slr helmet 3   2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet

For 2012, Mavic has introduced a new cycling helmet called Plasma SLR, which is ideal for pro level riders who demand maximum comfort during high temperatures. No matter how long the ride is, ventilation and fit are optimized in order to make sure that the rider feels as comfortable as possible.

Reinforced with carbon fiber structure, the vents are effectively oversized without compromising protection. Through innovative Ergo Fit technologies, the riders will hardly notice the helmet. Moreover, the antimicrobial X-Static reduces odor.

In order to guarantee pro performance especially during hot long rides, the 2012 Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet is loaded with high-class features. The foam with higher density gives support while the low-density open cell foams, which is close to the rider’s skin, offers excellent moisture wicking.

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2012 Mavic Cyclo Tour Road Shoes

2012 mavic cyclo tour road shoes   2012 Mavic Cyclo Tour Road Shoes

For riders who are looking for the cycling shoes that offer the best durability and traction, the ideal choice is the new 2012 Mavic Cyclo Tour Road Shoes. Tailored with a no-compromise approach, the shoes guarantee both all-day comfort and durable wall ability.

What makes this high-performance lightweight shoe topnotch is its Contagrip walking surface. Density and geometry of a proprietary rubber compound tread are uniquely combined by the Contragrip outsoles. These 360g shoes feature Agion antibacterial treatment.

To optimize comfort, the pre-shaped EVA foam tongue insert is designed to conform to the shapes of the instep. Moreover, a high density rear heel cradle is featured by the Ergo Ride 2D pre-shaped two-density composite insole.

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2012 Mavic Fury Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 mavic fury mountain bike shoes   2012 Mavic Fury Mountain Bike Shoes

Another addition to the mountain bike market was released by Mavic for 2012 with its new Fury shoes. Aside from its added strength and durability, the new Fury is made lighter than its predecessor at 30g per pair, yielding to a total weight of 350g per shoe.

Included in its new features are its improved ratchet buckle and strap, which provide a stronger closure. This is done by combining a sturdier spring in the buckle and deeper ratchet valleys on the strap. For the sole, a stiffer and lighter unidirectional carbon weave was used.

With its Contragrip rubber tread, the 2012 Mavic Fury Mountain Bike Shoes performs very well on races. Pleasantly lightweight, the shoes grip and wear very well. Carbon heel lock and injected TPU plastic frame on the upper maximizes power transfer. The shoes are available in black and yellow.

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CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings

ceramicspeed mavic 1 wheel bearings   CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings

Aside from decreased friction and weight, the CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings also features better longevity as compared to standard steel bearings. This is why the HTC-Highroad team uses these ceramic bearings.

For riders who have a race bike that has been tuned to perfection in all of its parts, an upgrade with CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings will be the best way to save each last bit of performance. However, the question is whether these wheel bearings work well for the average rider or not.

The cost of this bearings upgrade does not seem to be a wise investment for the average rider. In terms of weight, the gains appear to be less significant with 64g total weight of the five removed bearings and the ceramics that weighs in at 50….

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