pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

2011 mavic race sl ti pedals   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

It seems like 2011 is the year when pedals are experiencing a revival and Mavic is out to prove that all is fair in love and war with their 2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedal, which clocks in at an astonishing 220g total weight, a definite lightweight champion in racing bike pedals.

The Mavic Race SL pedal is as unique as can be. Equipped with an ultralight titanium spindle, this new pedal is as light as a feather but delivers the exact amount of force from your legs and feet right smack into the bike. Since the spindle was crafted using titanium, there are no weight limits on riders who can use this great pedal.

To make the pedal even lighter, Mavic has incorporated into the Race’s design the absence of wrench flats and instead has opted to use an opening for an 8mm Allen key.

The pedal in itself…

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