pinit fg en rect gray 20   Master Piece (MSPC) Density Cycle Pack

master piece mspc density cycle pack   Master Piece (MSPC) Density Cycle Pack

Let’s direct our attention to the Spring/Summer of 2012, on a piece from a collection put out by Master-Piece (MSPC), namely the Density Cycle Pack.

The day pack is a well assembled carry-all for city riders who are looking for style and functionality in a commuter bag. Heavy black nylon fabric supports the bags design, making it long lasting. To increase ventilation, Mesh backing was integrated—because, lets be real, no one wants a sweaty back. A chrome, metal buckle was used to connect the strap for a comforting fit on the saddle.

With so many commuter bags popping up, the Master-Piece (MSPC) Density Cycle Pack is a good one to keep in mind when it’s purchase time.

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