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2011 Cinelli Mash SF

2011 cinelli mash sf   2011 Cinelli Mash SF

The highly anticipated 2011 Cinelli Mash SF, which features 6 different colors over a dominant matte black finished frame, made an appearance at this year’s Interbike.

Cinelli and Mash SF succeeded in their endeavors for a “stealth” look by using matte black. As for the artwork, the minimal graphics make it easy to mask with stickers if you decide to go that route.

The difference between the 2011 and 2010 Cinelli Mash SF is the 2011 uses slightly steeper headtube and seat tube angles. Cinelli also stated that they are still producing the green/white Mash SF, and phasing out the grey/white frameset.

Rumors around the web are saying two models will release of the Cinelli 2011 Mash SF. When we asked Cinelli, they stated it is not set in stone yet.

Retail for the 2011 Mash SF Cinelli is between $975 – $1,000 for the frame, fork, and headset. …

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Cinelli Mash SF Histogram Cycling Cap

cinelli mash sf histogram cycling cap   Cinelli Mash SF Histogram Cycling Cap

After Cinelli and Mash SF made a big splash with the Histogram frameset, many have had mixed feelings on it. For those that missed out, but love the histogram look, MASH SF in connection with Cinelli released a cycling cap with the histogram print 360 degrees. They started shipping out to retailers on June 22nd, with Mash just receiving theirs. Retail price is $20.

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Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Histogram Frameset

cinelli mash sf 2010 histogram frameset 1   Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Histogram Frameset

The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 frameset has been issued a makeover, known as the Histogram which matches their new kits. Firstly, the Mash SF kits are specially made for the opening of Project Space Gallery and Tour of California, but a few frames were also available for sale on the MASH SF website.

Only available in limited quantities, the Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Histogram Frameset feature splashes of blue, green, black, purple, pink, and white, while produced with powder coat, matte clear coat, and fine die-cuts. Only three framesets released, and it looks like Mash is all out. If your lucky, you might spot one on eBay.

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