pinit fg en rect gray 20   Maryland State Senate Approves Bill   Motorists Give 3ft for Cyclists

maryland state senate approves bill motorists give 3ft cyclists   Maryland State Senate Approves Bill   Motorists Give 3ft for Cyclists“Maryland is currently ranked 40 out of 50 by the League of American Bicyclists due to a lack of bike safety legislation,” One Less Car representative Carol Silldorf, tells us.

Maryland State Senate passed five safety bills for cyclists and is probably about to move up notches in League of American Bicyclists Bike-Friendly rankings. This month’s State’s General Assembly became the venue for five smart transportation bills to break ground.

One Less Car says this is a success. As what its mission statement is, the movement encourages many through educational campaigns, lobbying and open debates and dialogues between the public via communities, governments, and local and state representatives.

Local alternative transportation groups of Maryland also joined in the cheering and further fight to strengthen the rights of cyclists and pedestrians alike.

SB 624 Shoulder Rule bill, SB 51, the Three Foot Rule, and House Bill 282, Funding for Bike/Pedestrian Access are three of the bills for the…

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