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Fontana and Lechner are Maremma Cup Winners

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fontana and Lechner are Maremma Cup Winners

The Maremma Cup on its second year featured two cross-country races in the town of Massa Marittima with a challenging four short-track events that stretched out to other historical sites and towns which run within the period of two weeks of exciting races.

In the overall ranking of open men, Marco Aurelio Fontana won the Maremma Cup in Italy. He was followed by Florian Vogel in second place and Nino Schurter on third.

The race began with Fontana, Vogel and Ralph Näf in the lead. They placed an eighteen second distance between them and the rest of the pack. It was quite unfortunate that Näf could not maintain the pace he set and was soon separated from the lead.

Näf was soon replaced by Schurter who edged over Absalon. This was similar to what happened in 2009’s World Championships in Canberra, Australia.

Back at the front, Fontana and Vogel were neck to neck until…

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Maremma Cup Mountain Bike Kermesse Canceled due to Rain

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Maremma Cup Mountain Bike Kermesse Canceled due to Rain

maremma cup mountain bike kermesse canceled due rain   Maremma Cup Mountain Bike Kermesse Canceled due to Rain

A portion of the Maremma Cup was a kermesse for mountain bikers but this was canceled due to uncooperative weather. Rains made the race quite dangerous for the cyclists. Francesco Cerdini, Maremma Cup President, pointed out the risks of pushing through with the kermesse and opted to cancel it instead.

Cerdini’s decision was with the consent and advice of the Italian Cycling Federation and representatives of the athletes. Grosetto’s cobbled streets became a slippery road after the rains and could well lead to accidents for the competing cyclists.

The Maremma Cup has four kermesses and two cross country races. The Grosetto race was the third in the series. The first two kremesses were won by Rudi van Houts and Andreas Kugler. The first cross country race was won by Nino Schurter. Before the Internazionali d’Italia cross country series begins, the last kermesse at Massa Marittima will take place.

The cross country race will…

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3 Olympians to Compete at 2010 Maremma Cup

pinit fg en rect gray 20   3 Olympians to Compete at 2010 Maremma Cup

3 olympians to compete at 2010 maremma cup   3 Olympians to Compete at 2010 Maremma Cup

The Maremma Cup will be seeing three Olympic gold medalists competing in its second year, namely Bart Brentjens, Miguel Martinez, and Julien Absalon.

Mountain biking was included in the Summer Games for the first time in 1996, with Bart Brentjens becoming the first-ever champion. Miguel Martinez won the gold medal in 2000, and Julien Absalon won back-to-back championships in 2004 and 2008. These three world-class riders are scheduled to join the MTB event this February 27, which is incidentally being organized by another mountain biking star, retired World Champion Thomas Frischknecht.

MTB fans will also get to see Nino Schurter, Florian Vogel, Ralf Naef, and Marco Fontana on the starting line, while the women’s races will see Eva Lechner, Nathalie Schneitter and Daniela Campuzano joining in.

Aside from the Olympians, the second Maremma Cup will also feature a different set of races for this year. The two major…

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