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2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike

2012 look cycle 986 race ready carbon hardtail   2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike

One of the new full suspension marathon bikes for 2012 is the 920 from Look Cycle. Aside from its innovative head tube design, this full susser features carbon seat stays built to flex up to 15mm to reduce a heavy pivot on the swing arm that triggers the shock through a short rocker linkage.

Made from full high modulus carbon fiber, the 2350g frame features post mount disc brake mounts for 160mm rotors and aluminum downtube protection. Other features include an integrated A-Stem stem, four reversible brackets, and front triangle and a swing arm made of carbon VHM 3K.

Ideal for marathon and all-day cross-country riders, the 2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike gets 120mm of front and rear travel that offers versatility. Lighter than 100mm of travel, 120mm is the modern reference for cross-country.

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2011 Rossin Marathon Fixie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rossin Marathon Fixie

   2011 Rossin Marathon Fixie

Aesthetically appealing, the 2011 Rossin Marathon Fixie takes pride in its design that is a blend of ’50s ‘bobber’, hip urban fixie, and hardtail mountain bike. While it features retro frame styling and 1in head tube, the bike guarantees advanced handling and ride characteristics.

Traditional looking, the Marathon frame is constructed from the special double-butted chromoly tubing of Rossin. This gives the frame thick track dropouts, neat TIG welds, and stylish seatstay and chainstay bridges. With each pedal stroke, the bike fervently accelerates.

With quick and light handling, the frame of the 2011 Marathon is efficient both for commuting or single-track. Adding to the sorted look is a refined choice of well polished forged aluminum components that offer superb comfort and ergonomics.

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