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2012 Manitou Minute Expert Fork

2012 manitou minute expert fork   2012 Manitou Minute Expert Fork

One of the latest forks that has been released by Manitou for 2012 is the Minute Expert. Weighting in at 1906g, the Minute Expert features 80mm, 100mm, and 130mm of travel and a 9mm axle. The leg of the fork has a 32mm diameter and is made of 7050 straight wall aluminum.

Highlight of the fork are its MILO-compatible damping, which features in externally adjustable low speed and internally tunable high speed. While its deep bore hollow crown is very lightweight, its strength is not compromised.

Black anodized finished, its crown is a forged I-Beam. Like the other Manitou forks for 2012, the 2012 Manitou Minute Expert Fork has rebound, air, and compression to lockout adjustments. Other features are rubber bumper bottom out, 1.1/8” steel steerer, and post mount brakes.

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2012 Manitou Circus Comp Fork

2012 manitou circus comp fork   2012 Manitou Circus Comp Fork

Taking pride in its incredible strength, stiffness, and light weight is the 2012 Manitou Circus Comp Fork. Weighing in at 2133g, the new Circus Comp has impressive specs and configurations. It is very similar to the Circus Expert, which is included in the 2012 range of Manitou forks.

Aside from the Jumpstack damping that is completely tuned for dirt jump, the Circus Comp is specced with several adjustments, which are compression, air preload, lockout and rebound. Its firm spring comes with the air preload adjustment.

Moreover, the fork features an aluminum steerer and 32mm straight wall 7050 stanchions as well as forged aluminum crown. Featured by its configurations are 20mm Hexlock axle, Post Mount brake mounts, and ride heights of 80mm, 100mm, and 130mm.

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2012 Manitou Dorado Pro Fork

2012 manitou dorado pro fork   2012 Manitou Dorado Pro Fork

After the great success of the Dorado MRD, Manitou is releasing another high-quality fork called Dorado Pro for 2012. Aside from the chassis, all of the details of the previous Dorado MRD and this new Dorado Pro are the same.

To meet the strict demands of word-class athletes, this new fork still guarantees unrivaled performance with its specially selected components, including the TPC+ damper, dual-chamber air spring, and the hydraulic top-out and bottom-out circuits.

Although it is an exact reproduction of the Dorado MRD, the new 2012 Manitou Dorado Pro Fork has aluminum legs and crown instead of carbon fiber. Weighing in at 2.97lkg, the all black anodized Dorado Pro offers 180 and 203mm travel and 20mm HexLock hub interface.

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2012 Manitou Circus Expert Forks

2012 manitou circus expert forks   2012 Manitou Circus Expert Forks

One of the forks released by Manitou for 2012 is the Circus Expert, which is loaded with superior qualities. First off is its absolute damping tuned for dirt jump. Both its 32mm straight wall 7050 stanchions and steerer are aluminum and its crown is a forged aluminum, keeping the weight low.

With its pretty stiff spring, the fork is not excessively soft but is entirely open. The fork could be ridden either on dirt or park. Moreover, the Circus Expert features many adjustments, including the air preload, compression, lockout and rebound.

Weighing in at around 2kg, the 2012 Manitou Circus Expert Forks are extremely light. Its complete lockout only compresses under pretty big impacts. Aside from its light weight, the aesthetics and strength are excellent as well.

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2011 Manitou Tower 29er Forks

2011 manitou tower 29er forks   2011 Manitou Tower 29er Forks

The 2011 Manitou’s 29er tower forks might have the physical semblance of the older Manitou Minute minus the stickers and a plus on the graphic package, but it still packs quite a punch for a fork. Retained are some key features like the Absolute + dampers and the availability of other sizes as well as in a 20mm HexAxle and even in a quick release version.

Other features for this forkset is a Mars Air type of air sprins and a crown that sports a deep bore hollow forged type. Lowers for this fork also has a reverse arch that maximizes tire clearance.

The TPC for the fork is high end thanks to the TPC rebound adjustment feature, too.

The Manitou Tower 29er in general should be given a big seal of approval because of it’s suspension feel, ease of setting up and for chassis stiffness, all of which are really important…

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2011 Manitou Circus

2011 manitou circus   2011 Manitou Circus

Aimed for dirt jump riding, the 2011 Manitou Circus comes with a new casting and crown. The crown is made from forged aluminum to match its aluminum steerer. Manitou uses the Absolute+ damping system to fit the Jumpstack shim kit for dirt jump.

Strong and durable, the 2011 Circus has air preload adjustments, lockout and rebound, and compression adjustments. With a firm air spring and 32mm straight wall aluminum stanchions, the Circus slices across the market with 80mm, 100mm and 130mm travel configurations.

The 2011 Circus Expert weighs 4.7lbs, features a 20mm Hex Lock for hub/axle, double bottom out bumpers and 4 decal sheets. The 2011 Circus Comp weighs 5.32lbs, cromoly stanchions, firm spring with mechanical preload and 9mm dropouts for solid axle hubs.

MSRP for the Expert is $449 while the Comp fetches $339. A clown nose comes with the 2011 Circus forks….

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Manitou Dorado 2010 29er Fork

manitou dorado 2010 29er fork   Manitou Dorado 2010 29er Fork

The 2010 version of the Dorado is Manitou’s upgraded DH fork, available in 29′er and 26′er. The 2010 Manitou Dorado Pro is highlighted for its 7050 aluminum legs and uses the same quality internals as with the Dorado MRD carbon version.

More than your regular DH fork, the 2010 Manitou Dorado Pro can now be used for park, free-ride and big mountain runs. It has a unique hydraulic bottoming ramp-up with TPC+ damping and a plush top-out.

Other improvements on the fork are the two-chamber low pressure air spring which makes set-up easy to do and allows optimal fork performance. Removing the valve at the bottom of the leg for tuning the air spring pressure, this can now be done by a valve at the top of the fork. The two chambers functions to equalize the pressure when a shock pump is attached to it.

When it comes to mount hardware, the fork…

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