pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame

2012 ns bikes majesty park frame   2012 NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame

Both in aesthetics and performance, the 2012 NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame can be easily recognized. A simple classic look combined with exquisite graphics makes the frame stand out at the track while its success in top-notch dirt events makes it internationally known.

With offset multi-butting, a completely high-end tube set is utilized in the making of this 2.15 kg frame. After finishing the welding, the frame underwent a rare full heat treatment process. Through this innovative technology, the Majesty Park becomes an outstandingly light and strong dirt jumping frame.

To maximize strength and save weight, the special oval CNC head tube is made thinner in the front and thicker in the back. Protecting it from corrosion is its weightless thin layer covering inside and outside. Also, CNC cuttings are added to make its classic NS micro dropouts small, strong, and great-looking.

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