pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame

2012 ns bikes majesty dirt frame   2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame

NS Bikes has created high-quality frames for 2012, one of which is the Majesty Dirt. Weighing in at only 2.15 kg, this frame is incredibly lightweight. On the other hand, the frame still offers a reliable strength. With higher forks that have up to 140mm of travel, the performance of the frame is even better.

While it is similar to that of online casino the previous model, the geometry of the new Majesty Dirt comes with a bottom bracket that is a little bit lower. Through this, the frame is more stable both on slope-style courses and on high-speed dirt tracks.

As the signature ride of Martin Söderström, the 2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame is definitely the mountain bike machine to trust. Since the frame features a standard threaded BB shell, mountain bike riders can easily fit it with their aluminum cranks.

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