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2012 Magura MT8 Brake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Magura MT8 Brake

2012 magura mt8 brake   2012 Magura MT8 Brake

Included in the lineup of brakes which are released by Magura for 2012 is the so called MT8. Aside from the all-inclusive use of the most excellent materials, the MT8 also extensively applies FE analysis, making it a top of the line model that offers a perfect balance of stability and weight.

For its brake lever, the MT8 uses the newly developed carbotecture SL. Through a new form of Carbolay process, its carbon clamp and lever maximize its top strength while reducing the weight. Weight is furthered reduced by the aluminum bolts.

In order to make the price as low as possible, the 2012 Magura MT8 Brake uses carbon fiber which reduces its weight at the same time. The large surface area and open design of the brake caliper allows for an outstanding heat release. With the 160 Storm SL rotor included, this MT8 weighs in at only 278g….

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2012 Magura MT6 Brake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Magura MT6 Brake

2012 magura mt6 brake   2012 Magura MT6 Brake

One of the brakes designed and constructed in Germany included in the 2012 line of Magura is the MT6. This new MT6 model utilizes a one-piece forged calliper design that features a split clamp. This facilitates fitment and allows the rider to run right or left hand setups.

For ultimate speed and suitable bleeding, the MT6 features Easy Bleed Technology (EBT) technology. Its open hydraulic disc brake system comes with entirely integrated reservoir. Along with its nice aesthetics are specifically improved durability and maximum friction performance for excellent brake power.

With the 160 Storm SL rotor included, the 2012 Magura MT6 Brake weighs in at 310g. Stiffness is maximized by the Double Arch Design (DAD) that has automatic pad wear adjustment and dual piston fixed caliper. Another nice touch of the MT6 is its compatibility with SRAM Matchmaker shifter clamps.

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2012 Magura MT4 Brakeset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Magura MT4 Brakeset

2012 magura mt4 brake   2012 Magura MT4 Brakeset

MT4, a new top-of-the-line brake from Magura, has been released for 2012. By utilizing more wall thickness and a larger capacity, the MT4 maintains its rigidity and strength like the MT6 and MT8 models. Its brake caliper is similar to that of the MT6 model.

The lever and caliper of the MT4 brake is colored in a glossy silver body as well as black lever blade. The brake lever, which is designed and produced in Germany, is constructed from the innovative Carbotecture and integrates a center-of-pressure adjustment that is tool-free.
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Including the 160mm Storm rotor, the 2012 Magura MT4 Brake weighs in at 330g. For a spectacular brake power, the MT4 features an optimized friction performance, a uniquely improved durability, as well as a nice look. Also, reach adjust is integrated into its very light two-finger blade.


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2012 Magura MT2 Brake

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Magura MT2 Brake

2012 magura mt2 brake   2012 Magura MT2 Brake

Magura, a German brake and suspension company, has totally renewed its range of disc brakes for 2012, one of which is the MT2, weighing 335g with the 160 Storm SL rotor. The MT stands for Mission Team.

The brake lever of the MT2 is made from Carbotecture and the lever and clamp are made from aluminum. The production process is made more economic, thanks to the two-piece brake caliper. Also, the end customer directly benefits from it in terms of price.

While the 2012 Magura MT2 Brake features incredible light weight, it also guarantees higher stopping power levels. An excellent choice for thrifty riders, the MT2 is a basic model that still manages to deliver finest lever geometry and the reliable braking power.

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Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Carbotecture

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes   Carbotecture

magura mt8 hydraulic disc brakes carbotecture   Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes   Carbotecture

A new treat has leaked from Magura, its MT8 Hydraulic Disc brake system.

Magura has stated that the MT8 Hydraulic disc brakes are its lightest brakes to date. Development for this project took two years.

You might ask, “how did Magura make a light hydraulic disc braking system?” Magura used carbon fibers embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, known as Carbotecture. In the final step, Magura injects the materials using a Carbolay process.

The launch date for the Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes is Spring 2011.

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2011 Magura Durin Raceline Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Magura Durin Raceline Fork

2011 magura durin raceline fork   2011 Magura Durin Raceline Fork

The Durin Raceline fork from Magura is limited to 600 units in production for 2011. It features a more progressive spring rate with matching new decals.

The winning fork used by Alban Lakata of Austria, World Champion marathon 2010, the Durin Race fork saw world championships, european championships and other national titles. The Durin Raceline fork guarantees superior performance for XC racing and more.

Magura incorporated safety dropouts with 45 degree openings to fit the hub perfectly. It also has a remote control lever to make mounting simple to do, weighing only 52 grams with the cables.

The Durin Raceline fork has the Dynamic Lock Out setup for a more reactive fork even with hard impacts. It also comes with aluminum adjuster knobs and better cable fixing. For a cleaner looking fork, the cable end merges within the adjuster knobs.

For maximum torsion and stiffness, the Magura Durin Race fork has the DAD…

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