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2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL H2 Fit Frameset

2011 trek madone 6 9 ssl h2 fit frameset   2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL H2 Fit Frameset

For those who are looking for the right fit, the 2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL H2 Fit Frameset is the perfect choice. While keeping all the H1 platform’s handling geometry and ride characteristics, the H2 features a little higher head tube height to reduce back and neck strain.

Also, riders are accommodated with pelvic rotation and core stability. By having a higher head tube, the H2 appropriately gets most riders in the right place without unnecessary high-rise stems or a huge stack of spacers.

Indeed, every fit of the 2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL H2 Fit Frameset looks professional. Features of the frameset include 100 grams lighter new series OCLV SSL Carbon frame and full carbon Bontrager Race XXX Lite fork that comes with an E2 asymmetrical steerer.

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Team Leopard Trek Madone + Speed Concept Bike

team leopard trek madone speed concept bike   Team Leopard Trek Madone + Speed Concept Bike

Madone and Speed Concept machines join the team Leopard-Trek, giving them black and blue, the colors for their 2011 season look. Leopard Trek team, which is a full pro-tour squad of 29 riders based in Luxembourg, won nine of the last 12 Tours de France. Trek Bicycle and Team Leopard True signed a partnership agreement for 2011 and beyond. Trek Bicycle agrees to be the Luxembourg-based team’s supplier for technical direction, which includes Madone and Speed Concept time trial bikes.

First, the Madone 6 Series, which is hand built in Waterloo, WI, USA, is considered the world’s most technologically advanced bike. Made from Trek’s exclusive defense-grade HexSL carbon, this bike seamlessly integrates the perfect-shifting Di2 electronic drive train and takes pride with a pedigree of 9 Tour de France victories. Second, the Speed Concept 9 Series is said to be the world’s fastest time trial bike as well as the…

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Official Photos of Team RadioShack Trek Bikes

official photos of team radioshack trek bikes 1   Official Photos of Team RadioShack Trek Bikes

We now have detailed photos of the official team RadioShack Trek bikes that the new team will be riding for the 2010 season. The Trek Madone is built with full SRAM Red and a full Bontrager cockpit and wheels. The “studio” photos show the bike having black wheels, while the actual build of the bike will have white tires with a black strip down the middle. All of the components are made by Trek, except for the SRAM. The bike is heavily decorated with sponsor logos, and a lot of RadioShack “R” logos can be seen. The seat stays sport the yellow LiveStrong bar, with Nissan logos underneath. Thanks a lot to Bike Rumor for the pictures! Eight more photos after the jump!

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Trek 2010 6 Series Madone

trek 2010 6 series madone   Trek 2010 6 Series Madone

The Trek 2010 6 Series Madone, also known as “The One,” is packed with state-of-the-art technology. The 2010 Madone is 150 grams lighter than the previous model of 2009. The front end is 17% stiffer, which allows for better confidence while handling at high speeds. The bottom bracket is 90mm, instead of the average 68mm, which allows for faster takeoff, acceleration, and climbing. The fork of the Trek 2010 6 Series Madone is also unique, being the first asymmetric fork. The new fork is 30 grams lighter, with 15% more frontal compliance, and 20% more lateral stiffness. Basically, the Trek 2010 6 Series Madone is a state-of-the-art bicycle, utilizing the most updated and innovative technology available.

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