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2012 Madison Flux Waterproof Cycling Jacket

2012 madison flux waterproof cycling jacket   2012 Madison Flux Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Top of the range among the cycling jackets released by Madison for 2012 is the Flux. This waterproof cycling jacket is designed to be tough enough to tackle all the elements on the trails. With a first-rate stretch fabric and soft-touch fleece lined collar, maximum comfort is guaranteed.

Riders can control their temperature through the waterproof front facing ventilation of the garment. Highly technical, the Flux combines 10,000mm waterproof capacity and 20,000mm breathability. Therefore, even under the worst conditions, the rider is kept dry.

Aside from its topnotch comfort, the 2012 Madison Flux Waterproof Cycling Jacket offers a perfect fit, as well. Thanks to the Velcro wrist adjusters, stretch inserts on the hips, and a single hand operated hip draw cords. Riders can stash stuff safely and sufficiently in its sleeve, internal, rear, and front pockets.

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2012 Madison Mens Flux Mountain Bike Shorts

2012 madison mens flux mountain bike shorts   2012 Madison Mens Flux Mountain Bike Shorts

Designed to match tough mountain bikes is the 2012 Madison Mens Flux Mountain Bike Shorts. By featuring a nice combination of practicality, fashion, and comfort, these are definitely the ultimate trail short. It features a detachable short liner that comes with deluxe chamois.

All-day comfort and outstanding maneuverability on the mountain bike is offered by Flux shorts. This is because these mountain bike shorts are built from the most excellent of four-way stretch material. In various conditions and temperatures, comfort is provided by the Insideleg vents.

To achieve a perfect fit, the rider can dial the shorts in through its internal waist adjustment. Venting is enhanced by the mesh backed and impeccably doubled up front facing pockets. In all the strategic spots, triple needle stitching is used to guarantee bombproof construction.

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Madison Shield Protec Mens Roubaix Non-Padded Bib Tights

madison shield protec mens roubaix non padded bib tights   Madison Shield Protec Mens Roubaix Non Padded Bib Tights

For riders who are looking for a a pair of bib tights that are relatively comfortable, even in cold and wet conditions, the Madison Shield Protec Mens Roubaix Non-Padded BibTights are recommended. Styled to be worn with a pair of shorts, the Shield Protec Roubaix tight is supplied pad-free.

These bib tights are guaranteed to stand the test of time, thanks to its simple but bombproof construction. Comfort is optimized by the cutting edge fabrics and a six-panel fit of the garment. For enhanced protection, the Thermal Roubaix fabric is treated with a water-resistant coating.

A secure fit and more warmth around the abdomen is featured by the Roubaix bib section of the Madison Shield Protec Men’s Roubaix Non-Padded Bib Tights. These durable, comfortable, and close fitting bib tights also feature elasticated foot loops, bib upper, flatlock stitching, and reflective detailing.

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2011 Madison Tour Mountain Bike Shorts

2011 madison tour mountain bike shorts   2011 Madison Tour Mountain Bike Shorts

As tough as mountain bikes is the 2011 Madison Tour shorts. To tackle the roughness and toughness of mountain biking, the fabric of this bike shorts are made light and extra comfortable while its bombproof construction guarantees that the garment will last long.

Even during a whole day ride, the Madison keeps the riders comfortable, thanks to the shorts’ cutting edge fabrics used. For high quality support and protection, the bike shorts feature a removable liner with an antibacterial, profiled pad.

Movement of the rider is not restricted because of the Lycra crotch and waist inserts of the 2011 Madison Tour mountain bike shorts. Added to the secure and comfortable fit of the bike shorts is the adjustable elasticated waist cinch belt with easy-grab rubber tabs and double pop-stud waist closure.

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