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Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves (Men)

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves (Men)

louis garneau mondo gloves men   Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves (Men)

Louis Garneau recently released a new set of road cycling gloves for men called the Mondo.

The Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves are made for long distance cycling, using vented gel padding that combat pressure, shock, while boosting circulation. With other gloves, the stitching can sometimes become irritating, this is where seamless plays a big factor in the design of the Mondo Gloves. Lastly, the finger were lasered off to prevent bulk-age.

Available in three different colors: yellow, white and black. You can buy them now for $49.99 at Louis Garneau.

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2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes

2012 louis garneau glacier winter road bike shoes   2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes

A new pair of winter road bike shoes called Glacier has been launched by Louis Garneau for 2012. Excellent warmth, fit, and comfort are offered by the water-proof membrane and laces in the inner shoe, while its Velcro tab enhances the already reliable support.

Getting the Glacier on is made a bit easier by its giant finger loop on the back. What offers the rider’s feet soothing warmth is its seam-sealed front zipper, its sides’ laminated PVC material, and its neoprene ankle cuff that comes with a full length silicone gripper.

It is estimated that the 2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes keeps the feet warm for two hours during a typical winter month. Thus, this pair of road bike shoes are not ideal for longer-distance rides during winter.

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Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

louis garneau europcar professional cycling custom kit custom helmets   Louis Garneau Europcar Professional Cycling Custom Kit + Custom Helmets

The 2011 cycling season will prove to be a big victory not only for cycling teams from around the world but also for the Europcar Professional Cycling Team Custom kit and custom helmet.

One great thing that racing teams should look forward to this year is that Louis Garneau will now officially be providing both apparel and helmets for cycling. The new and improved helmet and apparel is the product of intense study and observation of a windtunnel’s effect on body acceleration to enhance the aerodynamic performance. Louis Garneau’s International Marketing Director, Pierre Perro, was proud when saying that the new apparel and helmet will definitely exceed any standards on cycling apparel.

With the help of the study conducted on wind resistance to a cyclist’s placing, the technology and the design for the Mondo Jersey was created. The upgraded jersey has multiple zones and technology that can easily adapt with airflow…

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Louis Garneau Gennix R1 Ultimate

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Gennix R1 Ultimate

louis garneau gennix r1 ultimate   Louis Garneau Gennix R1 Ultimate

The Gennix R1 Ultimate is Louis Garneau’s flagship road bike model. It bears 25 years of manufacturing innovation in cycling with features that resulted in a mean driving machine meant for road racing.

It has extra-wide chainstays and a Press-Fit BB system. For more stiffness and stability, the Gennix R1 Ultimate comes with an oversized tapered headtube and a total integration design, which allows for internal cable routing.

The No Void Molding technology is also applied to ensure optimum frame structure via inner molds. Together with Exo-Nerv, ultra-high modulus carbon and Nano bonding, the R1′s frame is stiff and light.

The Gennix Unit OS fork has monocoque construction with a 1.5 crown design for a more rigid hand. It comes with Shimano Dura-Ace C50-CL wheelset and a DI2 electronic 10-speed drivetrain.

With six frame sizes to choose from and in black-white color, the Gennix R1 Ultimate promises victory in any race….

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Louis Garneau Gennix T1 Pro Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Gennix T1 Pro Bike

louis garneau gennix t1 pro bike   Louis Garneau Gennix T1 Pro Bike

Louis Garneau tested the Gennix T1 Pro Bike numerous times to make it aerodynamically one of the fastest bike on the market. Sporting the Fluid Flow tubing profile to tackle crosswinds well, it used Exo-Nerv NVM construction to make it light and durable.

For more stiffness, Louis Garneau used ultra-high modulus carbon and Nano bonding. For maximizing power transfer, there’s an oversized Press-fit bottom bracket that permits better air flow around it.

TT Geometry is applied for the Gennix T1 Pro with a multi-position seat post and total integration of all cables and parts, making it extra smooth looking. It has an internal cable routing system, a wide fork and monocoque construction for less turbulence, better rigidity and steering.

Compliant with UCI standards, the Gennix T1 Pro bike has a Vision Vector base bar, clip-on, TRP brakeset and Shimano Dura-Ace 10speed drivetrain.

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Garneau Vorttice Aerodynamic Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garneau Vorttice Aerodynamic Helmet

Louis-Garneau brings to you Vorttice, the aerodynamic helmet which aims to make you go faster. The Vorttice is a result from a balance of expert training and feedback from athletes worldwide. It has a design that maximizes the aerodynamic features of the helmet. Patent for the helmet is still pending though.

The Vorttice features the dimpled technology on the front, allows the airflow to be close to the helmet, hugging over the dents when hitting the vortex generator at the top of the helmet. The shape of the Vorttice lets it take on wind that comes from different directions without slowing you down.

It also has a direct air intake or main vent on the front, at the highest pressure point, which takes in the blunt force of the wind and redirects it in three evacuation channels inside the helmet, keeping it well ventilated and lets the air exit freely at…

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2011 Garneau T-Flex 300 Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Garneau T Flex 300 Shoe

2011 garneau t 300 shoe 300x210   2011 Garneau T Flex 300 ShoeLouis Garneau releases the T-Flex 300 shoe specific to mountain bikers who loves to ride hard up and down the mountain trials. Made from varnied microfiber leather upper and weighs 353 grams, the T-Flex 300 shoes come in color black and has a closure system composed of a ratchet with two Velcro straps.

A carbon construction sole makes the T-Flex 300 moldable to fit your feet. You can reheat the shoe repeatedly even through household means while retaining its rigidity and durability. It also has a dual density grip which gives traction when needed and a carbon air blade outsole to protect your feet, which you can easily remove if you want better ventilation instead. The 2011 Garneau T-Flex 300 Shoe retails at $199.99.

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