pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Climate Grid Jacket

louis garneau climate grid jacket   Louis Garneau Climate Grid Jacket

Louis Garneau Climate Grid Jacket has been marked with the Road Elite Badge. The jacket features comfortable, new era styling, versatile materials with focused technology.

With its conceptual advances and fabric performance, the Climate Grid Jacket has the anatomical fit that follows the natural contour of the body. The collar, wrists, and hem are lined with Lycra hem. Moreover, its design features a front two-way zip with an inner flap and a chin guard that provides protection against the elements, maximum ventilation, and no zipper rub.

To put your items in, the 2 back pockets with a flap are provided and designed to be convenient and easy to reach. For better visibility, front and back reflective logos have been functionally and stylishly placed.

The Louis Garneau Climate Grid Jacket belongs to the line of apparel whose conceptual advances and fabric performance are achieved through researched biological considerations. Define yourself by stepping into the…

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