pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

2011 zephyr merino longjohns   2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns

Built with great versatility, the 2011 Zephyr Longjohns are a certified favorite Merino cycling underwear thanks to its top quality 100% Superfine Merino wool. Comfort during road rides it is guaranteed by this incredibly soft gear that gives a soothing touch to the skin.

To minimize washing and allow for constant wearing, this sporty garment has natural anti-bacteria properties making it ideal for the adventurous rider. With enhanced durability are a soft elastic waistband and comfortable flatlocked seams.

Prior to its process and knitting in EU eco-label certified spinners, the fiber of the 2011 Zephyr Merino Longjohns is derived from Natural Tasmanian wool accredited farms. Weighing 190gms with a classic fit, this cycling underwear features durable construction.

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