pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey

2011 rapha winter long sleeve jersey   2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey

With combined technology and aesthetics, Rapha offers an outstanding winter long sleeve this 2011. In terms of warmth, extra comfort against the chill is provided by the Super Roubaix fabric. Combining thickness, warmth, and stretchiness, this garment is perfect for cycling against the chill.

With a 25% merino wool, 61% polyester and 14% elastane mix, this Rapha long sleeve jersey is definitely thick and lushly lined. Its windproof lining provides maximum protection to the front of the rider’s torso during cold weather.

Along the sides of the rider’s chest, the 2011 Rapha Winter Long Sleeve Jersey has two zippered slash vents. These give more comfort to the riders when they choose to prevent most of the frontal blast and allow some cool air creep around the sides towards the back.

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