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LIVESTRONG Limited Edition LS28IC Indoor Cycle

LIVESTRONG Limited Edition LS28IC Indoor Cycle 500 Units Only 2   LIVESTRONG Limited Edition LS28IC Indoor Cycle

In January, 2011, LIVESTRONG Limited Edition LS28IC Indoor Cycle was released by Johnson Health Tech’s LIVESTRONG. This special edition indoor training cycle is limited to 500 units only at $1,699 each with individual Certificate of Authenticity numbers and will be available worldwide. $1,000 from each purchase will be donated to the foundation, LIVESTRONG, which was founded by champion cyclist and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong. Only the first 150 units will be sold with Lance Armstrong’s autographed picture.

This LS28IC special edition indoor cycle is designed in an exquisite yellow and black scheme. It is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and commercial-grade Lance-approved 40-lbs flywheel, which is combined with premium aluminum seat and handlebar adjustments. Moreover, the cycle has yellow wrapped handlebar grips, and dual-sided SPD pedals with toe clips. It also features a 3″ x 2″ wireless display with heart rate, time, distance, calorie and RPM readouts, and…

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Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 Shoes

Lance Armstrong and Nike have showcased the Spring 2011 Livestrong shoe collection. Giving us an early look, Nike and Livestrong decided to use a video instead of traditional images.

The Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 sneaker collection has a lot to offer runners and cross training enthusiasts. Mostly men models, a small presence of womens sneakers are available.

For men we have the Nike Air Max+ LAF, Lunarhaze+ LAF, Lunarfly+ 2 (two colors available; yellow/black-white and blue/grey-yellow), and Trainer 1.2 Low LAF. Women releases are the Air Max+ LAF, Air Lunarhaze+, Air Lunarhaze+ 2 LAF (two colors available; black/silver yellow and green/silver-yellow), and the Free Hypertr II LAF.

Specific release dates and retail prices will be announced soon.

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Precious Bike Tweeting for Cancer Research Funding

Precious is the bike with a brain, designed and built by Breakfast NY to be the vehicle where you can donate money to fund cancer research via LIVESTRONG. Precious is a Specialized Tricross Comp bike ridden by a British girl named Janeen. For the next three months, Precious will be on a road trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

Breakfast NY designed Precious with silicon sensors which gathers data on humidity, temperature, speed, location, cadence, roadkill, grade and direction. The data is processed and are translated into thoughts and feelings which will then be shared trough Precious’ Twitter account.

The makers of Precious further explains how this cool innovative and charitable move came to be, “To gather all of the data from the bike, we developed a device to capture temperature, humidity, grade, speed, cadence (pedal rotation), direction and GPS. The device takes several readings from each sensor, then…

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Nike Livestrong Chalkbot Prints Messages at Tour de France

Nike collaborates with Livestrong Foundation on the creation of Chalkbot, a new innovation on leaving messages on the road during the Tour de France 2010. Chalkbot began last year and was widely received by a large number of people worldwide.

“Chalkbot gained over 4,000 followers on Twitter, received over 36,000 messages and printed thousands of them over 13 stages of the Tour de France while driving several thousand miles during the 25-day event,” from Livestrong.

This year, Chalkbot returns, ready to receive any message you want to send out to the riders, to the people watching the tour, to the entire world. The short message can even be for your family or loved ones with cancer or have survived it.

From its website at, you can compose the message you want the Chalkbot to write for you on the roads at the Tour de France….

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Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong

nike sweet classic low livestrong   Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong

Yet another Nike has released in collaboration with Livestrong, just in time for the summer. The model is the Sweet Classic Low. The Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong uses a dark grey canvas upper, black Nike swoosh, LIVESTRONG logo on the tongue, and rubber yellow toe cap.

What is not traditional seen on Nike x Livestrong sneakers is bicycles, but the Sweet Classic Low has exactly that printed all over the sole in black on a white background. Available now at Finishline for $57.99.

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Livestrong Products Available Internationally with Nike

livestrong products available internationally nike   Livestrong Products Available Internationally with Nike

Lance Armstrong and Livestrong will finally make the products available Internationally. As you already know, Livestrong products specialize in t-shirts, bags, cycling jerseys, and the famous yellow bracelets. Nike has donated 100% of the proceeds to Lance Armstrong’s charity since 2004, and now in July the brands will take it one step further by stocking the products around the globe. Availability is not known yet, but Nike has stated it all depends on the sales. Over the years, Nike and Livestrong has donated around $80 million, and over 70 million bracelets have been sold.


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LIVESTRONG x Nike Air Max+ Tailwind 2010

livestrong nike air max tailwind 2010   LIVESTRONG x Nike Air Max+ Tailwind 2010

LIVESTRONG and Nike have done it again, releasing yet another collaboration shoe, but this time is on the Nike Air Max+ Tailwind 2010 model. As you may know, Livestrong colors are black/yellow-white so the Nike Air Max+ Tailwind present features the same colors, LIVESTRONG on the tongue, and mesh on the tongue. Although not a cycling shoe, the LIVESTRONG x Nike Air Max+ Tailwind 2010 is a great running and cross trainer that in your spare time of riding can get some other good cardio in. Available now for $99.99.

Source: Sneaker Files

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