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Princeton Tec Push Bike Lights

princeton tec push bike lights 1   Princeton Tec Push Bike Lights

Princeton Tech provides you with Push, its latest bike light product. It is a maxibright LED lamp with a self-contained 100 lumen device designed for better visibility. Powered by three triple A alkaline or rechargeable batteries that would last for 63 hours, the Princeton is user friendly. With a simple push of its large on/off switch, you could easily manage the high or low and flash modes.

It has the capacity of a 260ยบ visibility angle with the front light equipped with light pipes, which accommodates peripheral visions. You could simply keep the switch on hold to disengage the flash mode allowing you to concentrate more on the twist and curves while on the trail.

Retail price for the Princeton Tec Push is $50. It comes in three colors: red, blue and titanium.

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Cateye Reflex Auto Safety Bike Lights

cateye reflex auto safety bike lights   Cateye Reflex Auto Safety Bike Lights

Cateye presents a new light that you will never have to worry about turning off or on, it is called the Reflex Auto.

The Reflex Auto light is used as a tail light, and has optic and motion sensors. So when it is dark outside, and the light detects movement, the Cateye Reflex Auto will turn on. Using active and passive safety, with active safety by your traditional bike light, and passive is suited by CPSC reflector.

You definitely have options, with a variety of mounting options, 180 degrees of visibility, and 5 light modes. The front Reflex Auto will last up to 60 hours, and the tail light up to 120 hours.

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Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights

blackburn flea usb and solar lights   Blackburn Flea USB and Solar LightsIt is true what they say that big things come in small packages, and that is what Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights is all about. Imagine something small but can give off light double its size? You probably can’t believe that this 19g package could give you more light than you think it could.

The Blackburn uses four-LED arrays but this is not used for proper lighting system; rather, they are built as an emergency light for commuting or training rides. The front light is said to be a 40-lumen maximum output which is bright enough to give you light in front of you as long as there isn’t much light around and if you are going on a slow speed. When in traffic, both the front and back lights are visible and effective specially its flashing mode.

The lights are attached to a wide variety of bar, helmets…

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Sigma Sport Micro Safety Lights

sigma sport micro safety lights   Sigma Sport Micro Safety Lights

Sigma Sport introduces a new Micro Safety light with 10 different colors to choose, while each uses either a white or red LED. The Sigma Sport Micro Safety Lights has two light modes, solid or flashing, while emitting a large amount of light due to their special optics. A Velcro strap is present so you can easily attached to your handlebars or other location on your bike. Retail price is $9.99.

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RAVX Lumi X2 Candy Lights

ravx lumi x2 candy lights   RAVX Lumi X2 Candy Lights

If you are interested in a small discrete bike light with a smaller price tag, the new RAVX Lumi X2 Candy Lights are something to think about. Featuring 2 LED lights, elastic mount straps, and either red or white lights so you can use on the front of your bike or rear with different flashing modes. Easy installation, all you have to do is wrap the elastic bands around your handlebars or seatpost. Light power is provided by the Lumi X2, and two batteries come with each light lasting around 100 hours. Seven different body colors are available which are Green Apple, Bubblegum, Grape, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon, Ice. Retail price is $12.

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Lazer Urbanize Helmet – Integrated Lights

lazer urbanize helmet integrated lights   Lazer Urbanize Helmet   Integrated Lights

This year at EuroBike, Lazer Urbanize rolled out a new helmet, and took home the innovation award. Upon creating the Lazer Urbanize Helmet Integrated Lights, inspiration derived from old mining helmets, but as we can see the lights are built in. Made for the “urban market”, two options are available, with lights $99 and without $79. Charged by a CR2032 battery, night riding and safety seems to exist. We must add, the helmets do look like older laser tag helmets.

Source: Urban Velo

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