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2012 Bontrager B2 Light Thermal Base-Layer

2012 bontrager b2 light thermal base layer   2012 Bontrager B2 Light Thermal Base Layer

An ideal cycling garment for cool or unpredictable conditions is the new B2 long-sleeve base-layer released by Bontrager for 2012. This lightweight undershirt is built from a highly breathable, quick-dry thermal knit material that makes it easier to transfer moisture as compared to just a jersey.

Without the unnecessary bulky layering, the close-fitting design and smooth exterior of the B2 Light Thermal BaseLayer provides its user a perfect layering. Moreover, chafing is eliminated, thanks to its flatlock stitching.

Very smooth and soft, the thermal regulating fabric of the 2012 Bontrager B2 Light Thermal Base-Layer fits like a second skin. Maximum comfort is achieved through the quick-drying feel offered by outstanding vapor permeability. This base-layer is ideal for all types of rides.

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Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

firefly bicycle light nominated major global award   Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

Firefly is a light placed at the rear of your bicycle which shines with approaching traffic, while lighting up the road plus yourself. This nifty little invention has been nominated for a major global award.

Designed by James Morton, a design student from Australia put together the Firefly bicycle light using a infrared sensor that detects traffic behind you, while the light shines brighter the closer the vehicle gets, and uses LEDs to light the rider and the road around. James Morton’s design has been shortlisted in the Australian International Design Awards.


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Cateye Hybrid HL-EL020 Handlebar Light

cateye hybrid hl el020 handlebar light   Cateye Hybrid HL EL020 Handlebar Light

Saving energy and battery life is the main goal on the Cateye Hybrid HL-EL020 Handlebar Light. How does the Cateye Hybrid light sustain this? It stores solar energy in the rechargeable battery, but no need to worry about running out of solar power, because the Cateye Hybrid holds a AA battery just in case you need a backup plan. You can utilize both light sources up to 36 hours, and you can choose if you want to use solar or the battery. On top of the handlebar light you will see a blue light when your using solar power, and a orange light if you are using the battery. Retail price is $60.

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Ravx Opti-Bar X4 Handlebar Light

ravx opti bar x4 handlebar light   Ravx Opti Bar X4 Handlebar Light

The Ravx Opti-Bar X4 Light goes right on your handlebars, and uses a 3 watt LED light with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. With a simple setup unlike other rechargeable lights where you have to run cables, or those battery operated lights, the Ravx Opti-Bar X4 Handlebar Light recharges in 2 and a half hours. Pumping out 120 lumens, you can use the light for 3 – 24 hours depending on the mode you have it on which are high beam, low beam, and flashing. Lastly, the light is made of CNC alloy.

Source: Ravx

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