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San Jose to end Bicycle License Requirement

san jose bicycle license requirement   San Jose to end Bicycle License Requirement

Due to low participation of the San Jose bike licensing program, the San Jose city council is planning on ending a bicycle license as a requirement.

After a recent city audit, the lack of participation does not cover the cost of maintaining the licensing database. For a one year license, the city charges $2, and $3 for a three year renewal.

Sam Liccardo, Councilman for San Jose said the program was to help police recover and return stolen bikes to their owners. He followed by saying he is not licensed, although he rides frequently….

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Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

floyd landis may sign with rock racing   Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

About a month ago, we reported that Floyd Landis will be leaving his current team OUCH, and possibly signing with Rock Racing for 2010. French Website, citing sources close to Michael Ball, team owner, says that Landis is on the verge of signing with Rock Racing. However, the contract is dependent on whether or not the team will obtain their Professional Continental License from the UCI. The license announcement is expected on January 4th. The UCI rejected their first application for a license. “We’re obviously very disappointed but are working diligently to satisfy every requirement that is being asked of us. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure we can race next year,” the team said in an earlier statement….

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