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Update on Leogang 4X Track

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Update on Leogang 4X Track

update on leogang 4x track 300x200   Update on Leogang 4X TrackGuido Tschugg is taking the helm of the World Cup 4x track at Leogang. It seems he has created something highly technical and steeper than expected on the WC series.

Leogang, Austria, May 4th – The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup series has just announced that Leogang is the new Austrian tour stop.

Leogang, located close by Salzburg was now preparing for the long weekend ahead from 18th to 20th of June. World renowned and expert World Cup racer Guido Tschugg was hand-picked to design and construct the official 4X track. The track is nearly finished after two weeks of design and construction.

Tschugg illustrates the idea and details of the new 4X track, “The track is about 450 meters long and is packed with great features; A very steep start section is followed by a drop, a huge sized berm and a pro section with two big doubles. A long…

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New Site for 2010 UCI MTB World Cup

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New site for 2010 UCI MTB World Cup 300x236   New Site for 2010 UCI MTB World Cup

The sixth round of the 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup will now take place in Leogang (Salzburger Land), another Austrian resort. This was originally scheduled in Schladming, Austria. However, the scheduled date which is June 19-20 still remains the same.

Since 2004, Schladming is on the World Cup calendar. It has been voted as the best place for the event because of its downhill track that is being enjoyed by the aficionados. This popular resort was awarded the 2013 Ski World Championships. As such, it is presently undergoing a facelift which makes it impossible for organizers to showcase mountain bike competition and exhibition.

Schladming is set to be substituted for another venue as aired by the International Cycling Union. The most likely candidate is Leogang which has conceded to stage the sixth round of the World cup that will highlight a double event; downhill and the four-cross. Leogang…

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