pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Moda Legato Cyclocross Road Bike

2012 moda legato cyclocross road bike   2012 Moda Legato Cyclocross Road Bike

Moda Bikes, a UK based company, has provided the cycling industry with the finest bikes and frames of various riding styles for 2012. For cyclocross riders, its newest product is the Legato. This road bike is stable enough to handle a range of terrains effortlessly.

Making the Legato highly capable of tackling the blows of cyclocross riding is its American Classic wheelset. Comfort and strength are further enhanced by the high-modulus carbon fork that allows the Legato to tackle off-road conditions with excellent performance.

While light in weight, the triple butted 7005 series aluminum frame of the 2012 Moda Legato Cyclocross Road Bike offers amazing strength. The Legato is not available with pedals, so it is recommended that clipless pedals are used, which are common for cyclocross machines.

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