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ÖĂ Leg Salsa

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ÖĂ Leg Salsa

oa leg salsa   ÖĂ Leg Salsa

Unconventional Medicinals of Guadalupe, California are the makers of Leg Salsa, the sports balm formulated to increase the blood circulation of riders by producing a strong warming feeling to the applied area. The Leg Salsa was inspired by warming products popularly used in European cyclocross racing, where high precipitation and low temperatures are a natural occurrence.

It is a concoction of capsicum, menthol, St. John’s Wort, arnica, olive oil, aspirin powder and various essential oils well enough to the standard embrocation products from which it abides. Massaging a considerable amount on your legs creates a fiery sensation that could withstand any low temperature condition.

Leg Salsa is part of the cycling products of ÖĂ. Employing natural and organic ingredients in its cycling line, ÖĂ also has other products such as ÖĂ Pro Glaze and ÖĂ Smooth Ride. The Leg Salsa has a retail price of $11.99….

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Bontrager Sport Leg Warmer

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bontrager sport leg warmer   Bontrager Sport Leg Warmer

If you plan on going for long bike rides during the winter, as most hardcore cyclists do, then you might want to strap up with some warm gear. The Bontrager Sport Leg Warmers go a long way in keeping the cold out, and are constructed with thermal fabric which regulates your body temperature and wicks moisture, all the while being comfortable. They also feature a silicone gripper which keeps the warmers in place. Not only do the Bontrager Sport Leg Warmers provide warmth and coverage for the entire leg, they also allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions. You can purchase the Bontrager Sport Leg Warmers at the Trek online shop for $44.99….

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