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Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

brooks b67 sprung leather saddle   Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

For those who prefer to sit straight on their bikes, the ideal saddle is the B67 Sprung Leather from Brooks. As one of the wider Brooks saddles, the B6 Sprung Leather is quite wide enough to offer a comfortable position. Weighing at 1530g, the saddle is 260mm long and 210mm wide.

In order to get rid of the tingle caused by road bumps, the saddle is filled with springs underneath. While its handlebars are slightly higher than the saddle, most of the weight of the rider is put on the saddle.

As one of the ultimate saddles for comfort available on the market, the Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle is ideal for riders who regard comfort highly. With chrome springs and black steel rails, the saddle is available in a honey or black leather top.

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2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder

2011 oopsmark bike leather wine holder   2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder

A steam punk designer who is fond of leather, Oopsmark introduces a leather bicycle wine carrier for 2011. This leather wine carrier is an excellent street bicycle adornment that secures firmly to the frame so that the two parts do not come apart.

Aside from its classy design, what is great with Oopsmark is that it works on different sized bottles. Moreover, all the fittings and hardware combined the leather with brass, which does not corrode and it will age magnificently into a greenish copper color.

While 2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder can be a great gift for eco-friendly dads who love leather, wine and bike, it is also ideal for any hot blooded men who are fond of tinkering with their well-designed and fashionable machines.

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