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Armstrong Withdraws from Leadville Trail 100

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armstrong withdraws from leadville trail 100 300x200   Armstrong Withdraws from Leadville Trail 100Lance Armstrong sustained few crashes during the Tour de France and was still feeling the ill-effects of it, according to his manager Mark Higgins. Due to such, it was inevitable that Armstrong will have to sacrifice the Leadville Trail 100 for 2010.

Armstrong made the decision Monday that he was pulling out of the high-altitude mountain bike race. Higgins stated, “He is suffering from a nagging injury to his hip from the Tour de France,” and he added, “His girls will also be in Aspen with him this weekend so he will be staying at home.”

Armstrong had a record time of 6:28:50 when he won last year’s race. Dave Wiens, the six-time winner placed second. The Leadville 100 this year still promises an exciting array of named contenders in the race.

For now, Armstrong has no races to run this year. However, he will be competing in two Livestrong events, one…

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Armstrong joins Leadville Trail 100

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armstrong joins leadville trail 100 300x87   Armstrong joins Leadville Trail 100The 2010 Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race in Lake County, Colorado will have Lance Armstrong and Dave Wiens as part of its contenders. The event is one of the biking and running events Ken Chlouber and his staff prepares each summer. “This 2010 will be a big year. They will once again be going head to head,” said Chlouber.

The race was created to be a tool to bring back life into the old mining town. Chlouber shares that they are just about to begin with the events for this summer and with Armstrong as one of the cyclists in the race, they are preparing for the best to come.

Chlouber comments on Armstrong’s involvement: “That got peoples’ attention worldwide.”

The Leadville Trail 100 also gives back to the community through various ways. Legacy Foundation was created and Carl Miller, board member, shares that due to the races in Lake County,…

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Applicants for LT 100 To Know By Friday

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applicants for lt 100 to know by friday   Applicants for LT 100 To Know By Friday

The official list of the Leadville Trail 100 applicants will be set to be given out by Friday according to the race organizers. The original date was supposed to be February 8 for the automated drawings, which is to be a monumental event for the history of this race.

It was due to a passing away in the family of one of the race organizers which delayed the entire selection activity as informed by the LT 100 PR Manager Kathy Bedell. She assures though that the applicants would surely hear from them by Friday. The race requires the applicants to pay a charge of $15 which is a non-refundable registration fee but the race would be limited to about 1,400 riders only.

Once the applicant gets accepted, a fee of $275 must be paid. Bedell confirms the involvement of a much bigger number of applicants this year due…

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Race Across the Sky – Leadville Trail 100 Documentary

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The documentary “Race Across the Sky”, starring Lance Armstrong, Dave Wiens, Chris Carmichael, and more, will be a one-night showing in Durango, Colorado before hitting theaters nationwide Oct. 22. The film on the Leadville Trail 100 will cover the event, a roundtable discussion with Armstrong and other elite cyclists, and a rematch between Armstrong and six-time winner of the event, Dave Wiens.

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