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Leader Riser Trick Street Handlebars

leader riser trick street handlebars   Leader Riser Trick Street Handlebars

Love to hit barspins, or just have an obsession with riser bars, just released apart of Leader 2010 collection are the Trick Street Handlebars. The Leader Riser Trick Street Handlebars are constructed of 6061 aluminum with the ends capped, and features a 2.5 inch rise. Color options available are polished, polished black, and white powder coated. Retail price is $36.

Source: Pedal Consumption

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Leader Mordecai Saddle

leader mordecai saddle   Leader Mordecai Saddle

New from Leader is the Mordecai Saddle, taking a retro look with the rivets placed on the back. Using Cr-Mo rails, the Leader Mordecai Saddle is a more frugal approach compared to other seats on the market. With a natural feel, the Mordecai Saddle uses a vegan top, and vinyl materials. Available now in white or black for a low price of $38.

Source: Prolly is Not Probably

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