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2012 Lazer Nirvana Off-Road Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Lazer Nirvana Off Road Helmet

2012 lazer nirvana off road helmet   2012 Lazer Nirvana Off Road Helmet

For 2012, Lazer has revamped its off-road helmet called Nirvana. Although the previous model already has a close-fitting lid, it was further enhanced with the new model?s height-adjustable rear retention. Even a shaved head is free from any hassle as all of the plastic pieces of the helmet are nicely supple.

A single top-mounted dial was used by the Nirvana, instead of a stepped buckle or ratcheting dial. Thus, a stainless steel cable is easily tightened or loosened, fastened around the rider?s forehead, and wrapped around the head?s circumference.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the 2012 Lazer Nirvana Off-Road Helmet although it is designed to be very secure and it has installed lights. This is achieved through the outstanding Rollsys retention system, which evenly distributes pressure. Its smaller size weighs in at 283g.

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2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet

2011 lazer urbanize night helmet   2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet

To help make city rides at night more comfortable and free from anxiety, Lazer has released a gorgeous helmet for 2011 called Urbanize Night. Snapping lightly into the helmet are two integrated LED lights, white in the front and red in the rear.

Riders can keep a cool head with the moisture wicking lining of the Urbanize Night. Great ventilation is offered by its massive six vents. With Roll-Sys fit system, the bike helmet features 360 degrees of security on the head. It has an integrated visor, too.

Weighing in at about 380g, the 2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet is an ideal city helmet not only during night time but during the day as well. With its casual look, the bike helmet can nicely match any leisure and regular workday outfits.

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2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

2011 lazer cityzen helmet   2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

Lazer has added a hot new item to its 2011 lineup of helmets, which is the Cityzen. As the name implies, this is an urban helmet that will surely not fail to catch attention with its chic design. Riders who want to commute in style will definitely fall in love with the 2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet.

Not only does the Cityzen provide a stylish look. The helmet provides perfect protection from the sun as well with its built-in sun visor. Moreover, excellent comfort is guaranteed by its excellent fit adjustment system.

Along with the classy grey or black plaid look are the smooth colors, lively silhouette, and defined TurnFit security system. With its guaranteed comfort, perfect fit, unique and beautiful design, and an efficient visor, there is nothing to dislike about the Cityzen helmet.

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2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

2011 lazer krux bike helmet   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

Released by Lazer this 2011 is a bike helmet called Krux, which can be a nice addition to an urban helmet collections. Despite its rough and tough design, the helmet is very light and fits very nicely on the head without creating lots of heat. With plenty of venting, air circulation is nicely facilitated.

A ridged barrel adjuster called Rollsys adjusts the suspension system inside the helmet that allows for extra coolness. Instead of sliders, the bike helmet has authentic clamps on the straps. With secure strap adjustment clamps, riders do not have to touch the straps once they are adjusted right for the head.

Reasonably priced and neatly styled, the 2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet is a good item for urban riders. On the negative side, riders may not appreciate it when it catches too much wind and makes some noise. This minor downside can be condoned,…

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Lazer Aero Shell Helmet Cover

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lazer Aero Shell Helmet Cover

lazer aero shell helmet cover   Lazer Aero Shell Helmet Cover

The Lazer Aero Shell helmet cover comes out at the 2010 Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders). To be worn by the Katusha team, the polycarbonate shell has a snap-on feature which makes it easy to attach to the Helium helmet model.

The Katusha team was provided with the Aero Shell designed with “Ronde van Vlaanderen” special graphics. However, Lazer will most likely produce the helmet cover without any graphic design.

The new helmet cover has no fasteners although it can be removed by just one hand. It latches on securely and also closes off the helmet’s ventilation from wind and water. You don’t need to wear any skullcap or hat under the helmet anymore.

The Lazer Aero Shell helmet cover will have a retail price of $20. The colors for the helmet covers might depend on consumer demand.

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