pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wilier Lavaredo Mirage Road Bike

2011 wilier lavaredo mirage road bike   2011 Wilier Lavaredo Mirage Road Bike

As a road bike constructed by Wilier, the Lavaredo Mirage is surely aerodynamic, light, and super strong. With its reliable technology, this hi-tech machine is one of the most sophisticated racing bikes on the market this 2011.

Exquisite appeal and great performance are combined in the Lavaredo Mirage. A double-butted aluminum frame with a carbon fork and aluminum steerer is used in this road bike to reduce weight to an incredible degree while maintaining its durability.

Helping the rider to tackle the tarmac with excellent performance are the Mirage 10-Speed drivetrain and Campagnolo Veloce brakes. The 2011 Wilier Lavaredo Mirage Road Bike is ideal for riders who are looking for a sporty road bike for adventure, commuting and exercise.

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