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2012 Specialized Langster Steel Road Bike

2012 specialized langster steel road bike   2012 Specialized Langster Steel Road Bike
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A good-looking steel road bike called Langster has been released by Specialized for 2012. Having just one gear and no brakes, this is the ideal machine for riders who are fond of challenges and adventures. Riding position and bike aesthetics were made perfect by the classic steel track-drop handlebar.

What provides the frame of the Langster a signature steel feel and a classic look is the Reynolds 520 steel tubing. Retro looks and solid support are achieved by the bike’s traditional minimalist saddle, which comes with copper rivets.

To tackle rough roads and tracks with ease, the 2012 Specialized Langster Steel Road Bike has timeless steel forks that guarantee handling accuracy and durability. Moreover, its retro frame is nicely complemented by the classic 1in quill track stem.

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2012 Specialized Langster Singlespeed Bike

2012 specialized langster singlespeed bike   2012 Specialized Langster Singlespeed Bike

Specialized has introduced another great machine for 2012, which is a single speed bike called Langster. By combining a lightweight A1 Premium aluminum compact frame and the traditional single speed drive train, the Langster can tackle the track and the city equally well.

Featured by its frame are fully manipulated tubing, an integrated headset, and great-looking track geometry. With the serious rider in mind, the Langster was designed with a very stiff oversized aluminum handlebar. Strength and stiffness were maximized by its 3D-forged aluminum stem.

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What gives the 2012 Specialized Langster Singlespeed Bike a classic look along with precise steering is its very light FACT carbon fork. Featuring a sleek finish and 32 holes, the sturdy Alex rims guarantee fast rolling. Power transfer is efficient, thanks to the coolly black-finished 48t alloy track-style crankset.


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