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Lance Armstrong Trek Speed Concept TT Video

We recently showed you the Lance Armstrong Trek Speed Concept TT Team RadioShack bike, and now Mellow Johnny’s takes us a little deeper with this video. Provided by Trek’s Ben Coates, this is the first of many builds to come. By what Ben said in the video, the Trek Speed Concept TT Team Radio Shack is the bike Lance will be on this year. Enjoy the video.

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Lance Armstrong Team RadioShack Trek Speed Concept Time Trial Bike

lance armstrong team radioshack trek speed concept time trial bike   Lance Armstrong Team RadioShack Trek Speed Concept Time Trial Bike

Recently posted from Lance Armstrong via Twitter is the Trek Speed Concept Time Trial Bike Team RadioShack edition made exclusively for Lance Armstrong. At this point, we do not know if the TT bike will be made for other team members, but this sure looks beefy. Most noticeable is the team Radio Shack decals and color job, which is similar to the previous Radio Shack road bikes we posted, plus the short seat. Hopefully we receive more images soon, and maybe another “making of” video.

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Armstrong Sees Another Tour de France Win

armstrong sees another tour de france win   Armstrong Sees Another Tour de France Win

Lance Armstrong is setting his sights on another Tour de France championship, as foolish as it may sound to him and to others.

The famous American rider has earned a worldwide reputation for never saying never, and he has proven time and time again that his “don’t quit” attitude can translate into solid, tangible victories both on and off the saddle.

However, Lance was the first to admit in an interview that his thoughts of winning yet another Tour de France championship may be foolish. Nevertheless, he says that he is going to try and find out for himself.

The 7-time winner of the Tour de France concedes that this year’s Tour may be the toughest yet, and that the competition is better than ever.

While critics may think that Armstrong is just being headstrong, his competitors are saying that brushing off the American’s chances of winning the French…

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Lance Armstrong Attracts 5,000 Cyclists from Twitter

lance armstrong attracts 5000 cyclists twitter   Lance Armstrong Attracts 5,000 Cyclists from Twitter

Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen held a impromptu ride on Saturday in Australia that brought 5,000 cyclists due to Lance Armstrong’s announcement of the ride on the micro blogging platform Twitter. Lance Armstrong has organized many events in the past, but he was shocked to see the turn out.

“I personally don’t think that anyone will top the turnout we had today. That was a huge amount of people,” Armstrong said. “The field stretched for kilometers and kilometers … when we turned back there were just streams of people.” Said Lance Armstrong.

Cyclists came together at Wigley Reserve right outside of Adelaide where Tour Down Under will start next week, and from their followed Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen to Semaphore Park and back, about a 19 mile ride. A few crashes did take place, but injuries to those were not serious.

“It was chaos, but controlled…

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Lance Armstrong will Compete in 2011 or 2012 Hawaii Ironman

lance armstrong will compete in 2011 or 2012 hawaii ironman   Lance Armstrong will Compete in 2011 or 2012 Hawaii IronmanSeven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, announced that he’ll compete in Hawaii’s Ironman after he races in his last Tour de France.

“I will be in Kona (the Ironman start and finish town) 15 months after the final Tour (de France) … if it’s 2010, then it will be Kona 2011,” Armstrong told AAP.

“If it’s 2011, it will be Kona 2012″, he continued.

Armstrong was a tri-athlete in his teens before he pursued his pro cycling career. It will take a significant amount of training to prepared for the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km marathon run, which makes up the Ironman, even for him, the 38-year-old cyclist said.

In 2005, after calling his cycling career quits, Armstrong competed in marathons, finishing with respectable times.

Now, Armstrong looks into his feature once again. His goal for the Ironman, he said, is to complete it. Not necessarily…

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Lance Armstrong Donates $250,000 to Haiti

lance armstrong donates 250 000 to haiti   Lance Armstrong Donates $250,000 to Haiti

In the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake that struck the island of Haiti, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has donated $250,000 today for victims of the quake. He also urges others to come forward and support the victims. “Over the years with political turmoil, poverty and now the earthquake it’s devastating,” Armstrong said to reporters. “On behalf of Livestrong (Armstrong’s cancer charity) we’ll be donating $250,000 to several organizations that are doing a lot of work down there, one of which is the Clinton Foundation,” he adds. “This is really when the global community has to step up and recognize that we’re very fortunate and sometimes we have to reach out.”

Via Velo News….

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Team RadioShack Jersey Meets the Press with Lance Armstrong

The new Team RadioShack jersey did a press conference, well not really but the video provided by Radio Shack uses the jersey in true interview form, while the cameo role is by none other than Lance Armstrong. As the media interviews the Team RadioShack jersey using corny yet funny lines, Lance Armstrong is in the back of the room checking his cell phone and shaking his head. We must say, the video is overall funny, and Lance’s small part just added to it.

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