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Lance Armstrong Joins Team

lance armstrong joins team bikereviews   Lance Armstrong Joins Team

We our proud to announce today that Lance Armstrong has left Team RadioShack to join Team!

That is correct, after a long time of negotiating, the 7 time Tour de France winner has decided to join where his first race with the team will take part in the Tour of California. An official press release will be issued later today, and you can read more about the acquisition below.


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Lance Armstrong Universe Team RadioShack Commercial

Team RadioShack and Lance Armstrong have launched a new TV commercial called “Universe”, this is the first commercial for Team RadioShack with Lance Armstrong. The background music is performed by Radio Moscow, and the song is called “Broken Down”. Lance is doing what he does best, riding, while making the earth spin, can you say metaphor? Enjoy the video.

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Contador Not Seeing Armstrong as a Threat

contador not seeing armstrong as a threat   Contador Not Seeing Armstrong as a Threat

A lot of hype is being built around the Criterium International which is going to be held this weekend at Corsica. Most of the hype revolves around Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador racing against each other in the event, which would be their first ever since last year’s Tour de France.

However, Contador is downplaying the challenge that his former Astana teammate supposedly presents, saying that many other riders are in much better shape than Armstrong as of the moment, and is instead acknowledging Cadel Evans to be a stronger threat.

Armstrong and Contador were not even supposed to meet each other in this weekend’s Criterium International. The two feuding cyclists were instead expected to race in the 2010 Tour de France, not before, but somehow Contador decided to drop his scheduled participation in the Tour of Catalunya to instead ride in the Criterium.

Contador has called Armstrong as “a rider…

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No RadioShack for 2010 Giro d’Italia

no radioshack for 2010 giro ditalia   No RadioShack for 2010 Giro dItalia

There will be no racing for Team RadioShack and Lance Armstrong in this year’s edition of the Giro d’Italia, as organizers prepare to anounce the invited teams that will be seeing action in the 2010 Giro this coming May 8.

In the previous weeks prior to this event, Team RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel had publicly expressed his hopes of getting an invitation for the team to join in the Giro this year. Lance Armstrong’s plans of racing in the Tour of California, however, may have played a role in failing to secure an invite from the organizers, since it would appear that the team was not particularly focusing its sights on the Giro hard enough.

Lance Armstrong’s deteriorating relationship with race director Angelo Zomegnan certainly did not help matters any. Zomegnan and Armstrong clashed when the American rider paticipated in the 2009 edition of the Giro d’Italia…

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Armstrong Races at Milan-San Remo

lance armstrong race milan san remo   Armstrong Races at Milan San Remo

RCS Sport, organizers of the Milan-San Remo race, has confirmed that Lance Armstrong will be part of Team Radioshack’s list of participants for this Saturday’s event. The team will be joining the 200-rider peloton for the Italian Classic.

It is sort of a comeback for Armstrong. Giro d’Italia is another RCS Sport that he joined in 2009 to prepare himself for the Tour de France.

RCS Sport Director Angelo Zomegnan and Armstrong had an encounter on the ninth stage in 2009’s Giro. There was a peloton protest for that stage, claiming it was a dangerous circuit. Some riders claimed that Armstrong was behind the boycott and Zomegnan did not hide his displeasure over the “older riders” protesting with Armstrong.

Armstrong will not be joining the Giro d’Italia this year for he will be competing in the Tour of California. The latter will take effect on same month as with the Italian Grand Tour…

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Armstrong Challenges Lieto One on One

armstrong challenges lieto one on one   Armstrong Challenges Lieto One on One

Here it comes! Lance Armstrong has just issued a challenge to Ironman champion Chris Lieto for a one-on-one time trial race on the Queen Kamehameha highway in Hawaii.

And do you know how Lance Armstrong sent out his challenge? Via Twitter. It just happens that both Armstrong and Lieto are in Hawaii for training, and both athletes met each other on the highway earlier today.

Twitter fans then read a tweet from the multiple Tour de France winner after they crossed paths, saying that Armstrong has just issued a challenge to Lieto for the one-on-one race.

Here is what went down on Twitter:

Armstrong: “Just passed @chrislieto going the other way. He was hammerin. Hey Chris, a little TT showdown on the Queen K tomorrow?”

Lieto: “see u on the Queen-K! Will have to be after 8am cause I have to swim first. Flying out mid day. Give me a…

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Lance Armstrong Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? For many of us the most entertaining part is the commercials, and launched during the “time outs”, Lance Armstrong’s commercial with Michelob Ultra premiered. The Lance Armstrong Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial shows Armstrong living a normal life, exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, plus riding, but at night enjoying a beer which is promoting low calories and carbs. Enjoy the video.

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