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Stage 8 Tour de France 2010 Updates – Lance Armstrong Out

stage 8 tour de france 2010 updates 300x199   Stage 8 Tour de France 2010 Updates   Lance Armstrong OutThe 2010 Tour de France seems to be the end for RadioShack’s Lance Armstrong. After crashing once, Armstrong lost thrice and was even forced off his bike after nine days into the Tour.

Armstrong finished 16th place on stage 7 and 14th overall. Armstrong’s teammate Chris Horner comments on the unpleasant turn of events that RadioShack has been experiencing after the Cat.1 climb from Morzine to Avoriaz.

“After Lance crashed I thought he was gonna come back on, but you can’t just recover from a crash like that at 60 or 70 K an hour … and then have to do a huge effort for 5Ks just to get back on right at the bottom of the (Ramaz) climb. I mean, he already was maxed out before he hit the bottom of the climb, and somewhere along the climb he bonked. I stayed with him, Jani (Brajkovic) stayed with…

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Giro TT Lance Armstrong Helmet

Giro recently made a time trial helmet especially for Lance Armstrong which he wore on the 2010 Tour de France prologue. Named “LAX”, the TT helmet works to give Armstrong two to three second-advantage over his rivals.

One can say that the helmet proved to be an advantage since Armstrong finished fourth on the event. However, it is unlikely that Giro will create the “LAX” for commercial use since the helmet basically works for Armstrong because it was designed specifically for him.

Giro shared that it took several months to conceptualize and actualize the helmet’s design. This was also due to the fact that Armstrong was literally hard to get hold of because of his busy schedule. The only way to get around this challenge was to create a replica of the cyclist which cost $15,000.00. The testing of the helmet was done on this model of Armstrong.

Chris Bullock tells…

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Lance Armstrong Nissan Leaf Commercial

Lance Armstrong posted on his Twitter about his starring role in the new commercial for the Nissan Leaf, a new 100% electric car that does not have a tail pipe. The commercial is called “20 Years Behind”, due to Lance Armstrong racing behind different cars and other forms of gas powered transportation. It is also said that Armstrong will be the first owner of the Nissan Leaf.

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Final Tour de France for Lance Armstrong

final tour de france for lance armstrong   Final Tour de France for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was quite busy today, not only with his training but on various social networks. Sadly Armstrong announced that the 2010 Tour de France will be his last! We all know that all good things come to a end, but hearing Lance Armstrong retiring from the Tour after 2010 is still somewhat of a jaw dropper. Lance wrote the following on his Facebook, “And yes, this will be my final Tour de France. It’s been a great ride. Looking forward to 3 great weeks.”

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Snoop Dogg Wishes Lance Armstrong Good Luck

Big Snoop Dogg is seen in this video wishing Lance Armstrong good luck in the upcoming Tour de France. First, Snoop Dogg asks Lance to borrow his bike so he can ride down the street and do a few tricks, and shortly after requests his “suit” aka “speedo suit”. Check out the video.

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Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

lance armstrong accused of doping in several emails from floyd landis1   Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

In a series of emails to cycling officials and sponsors, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is being accused of doping by Floyd Landis. Landis also admitted his recent involvement with doping.

After winning the Tour De France in 2006, Landis’ doping test came back positive, voiding his win in the race. As a result, he was banned from cycling by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Armstrong’s coach, Johan Bruyneel, played a role in Landis’ doping, according to an email. It was Bruyneel who educated Landis on performance enhancement drugs, said Landis.

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the emails it reviewed are from Landis. Not all of the correspondence have been confirmed to be from him at this time, however.

The emails also outlined a number of American riders other than Armstrong who bamboozled the anti-doping system by way of blood…

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Armstrong Pulls Out of Circuit Sarthe

armstrong pulls out of circuit sarthe   Armstrong Pulls Out of Circuit Sarthe

Lance Armstrong was not immune to the stomach virus that hit Team RadioShack during the Tour of Flanders. Due to the viral intestinal infection, Armstrong was forced to withdraw from the Circuit Sarthe cycling race. The virus already infected five of his teammates when they raced in Flanders.

The Texan will go back to the US when he gets better from the viral affliction. Alan Gallopin, Team RadioShack’s director, shared how much Armstrong wanted to perform well for the time trial on Wednesday afternoon. However, the virus took its toll on the seven-time Tour de France winner.

“He showed his growing condition in the Tour of Flanders, where he came in with the first group sprinting for the fifth place.”

Gallopin feels that a change in Armstrong’s program is ideal.

Armstrong shared his experience through Twitter, saying that “Sicker than a dog now. This sucks,” and on Wednesday morning he posted, “Well, I’m alive….

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