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2011 Team Radio Shack Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Team Radio Shack Jersey

2011 Team Radio Shack Jersey   2011 Team Radio Shack Jersey

With only a few days left to prepare for the start of the 2011 season particularly, the first race of the year, the Santos Tour Down Under, Team Radio Shack has unveiled its new look for the year.

2011 is looking up for the Team Radio Shack Jersey. Aside from last year’s announcement of eight new riders to the team, including three time green jersey winner of the Tour de France, Robbie McEwen, plus South Africa’s Robbie Hunter, the news that this will be the legendary Lance Armstrong’s last professional season is also adding to the excitement.

With January 16, 2011 looming very close, it’s high time to show your support for the great Mr. Armstrong and the 2011 Team Radio Shack Jersey.

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Support Lance Armstrong Site

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Support Lance Armstrong Site

support lance armstrong site 300x147   Support Lance Armstrong SiteWith the controversial investigation on Floyd Landis’ allegations, anonymous people created a website which calls for support for the cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. The website is a venue where fans of the seven-time Tour de France champion can leave messages of support for Armstrong.

The Support for Lance site asks only for you to post its site badge online or on your own website to gather more support. No monetary support is required. You also have the option to leave messages of support for Armstrong to read.

As per the website, “We aren’t looking for money, and Lance has no involvement in this website. His guilt or innocence is not what is being addressed here. We’re appealing to the millions of Lance Armstrong fans all over the world – it’s time that this international hero gets some support when he needs it most!”

Check it out at:

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Armstrong vs French Hotels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong vs French Hotels

armstrong vs french hotels 275x300   Armstrong vs French HotelsLance Armstrong once more graced the headlines with his latest brush with the media. Some might say it was a “faux pas” yet others might have a different take on what transpired at Houston, Texas yesterday during the National Business Travel Association’s annual convention.

Armstrong was the keynote speaker at the event. During the question and answer portion, the moderator asked him about his travels and Armstrong’s reply was, “Most of my travel — at least in Europe — was in France, staying in these … You’re competing in the biggest race in the world and you’re stuck staying in these horrible hotels.”

Maybe the seven-time winner of the Tour de France meant it as a joke because he quickly added, “There are no French hotel owners in here, are there?”

The female moderator lightly said she disagreed over his observation and offered to put up the RadioShack rider in one of…

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Armstrong Withdraws from Leadville Trail 100

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong Withdraws from Leadville Trail 100

armstrong withdraws from leadville trail 100 300x200   Armstrong Withdraws from Leadville Trail 100Lance Armstrong sustained few crashes during the Tour de France and was still feeling the ill-effects of it, according to his manager Mark Higgins. Due to such, it was inevitable that Armstrong will have to sacrifice the Leadville Trail 100 for 2010.

Armstrong made the decision Monday that he was pulling out of the high-altitude mountain bike race. Higgins stated, “He is suffering from a nagging injury to his hip from the Tour de France,” and he added, “His girls will also be in Aspen with him this weekend so he will be staying at home.”

Armstrong had a record time of 6:28:50 when he won last year’s race. Dave Wiens, the six-time winner placed second. The Leadville 100 this year still promises an exciting array of named contenders in the race.

For now, Armstrong has no races to run this year. However, he will be competing in two Livestrong events, one…

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Armstrong and Quiznos for 2011 Pro-Cycling Event

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong and Quiznos for 2011 Pro Cycling Event

armstrong quiznos 2011 pro cycling event   Armstrong and Quiznos for 2011 Pro Cycling Event

Lance Armstrong joined forces with Quiznos with the goal to breathe life back into the event which was pivotal in American cycling, the Colorado-based Coors International Bicycle Classic. The upcoming event is called the Quiznos Pro Challenge and is slated to take place on August 22nd-28th, 2011. The seven-day event will be a mixture of sprint, mountain and downtown stages which will take advantage of Colorado’s natural treasures.

Governor Bill Ritter announced how Armstrong is committed to bring back international pro cycling into the heart of Colorado, “Lance and I were committed to bringing this stage race to fruition in 2011, and today’s announcement is a great victory for Colorado and the sport of cycling.”

Armstrong will be part of the planning and execution of the race. With his clout, the turnout of international cyclists is expected to be quite good. “I’m very excited about the Quiznos Pro Challenge set for…

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Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack Forced to Remove Black Livesrong 28 Jerseys

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack Forced to Remove Black Livesrong 28 Jerseys

lance armstrong team radioshack forced remove black livestrong 28 jerseys   Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack Forced to Remove Black Livesrong 28 Jerseys

On stage 20 of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong and the rest of Team RadioShack wore black Livestrong jerseys with the number 28, this represents the 28 million people in the world with Cancer.

Officials at the 2010 Tour de France demanded Team Radioshack take off the black Livestrong 28 jerseys and put back on the regular red and grey jerseys, and the cyclists had to add their assigned number. This resulted in a delay in the Tour.

Team RadioShack was upset at the situation, including director Johan Bruyneel, who expressed his anger on Twitter writing: Ok people! Now it’s official!” he tweeted. “To be a race commisar (sic), you don’t need brains but only know the rules! Their motto: “c’est le reglement!”

As you can expect, the UCI is unhappy on Bruyneel’s statement. Acting in somewhat good faith, the UCI said any fines from the incident will be…

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Giro Ionos Helmets Lance Armstrong Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Ionos Helmets Lance Armstrong Edition

giro ionos helmets lance edition 1 300x225   Giro Ionos Helmets Lance Armstrong EditionTwo additions were made to the Lance Armstrong Collection for The Giro Ionos Helmet. The new models come in matte red and titanium colorway and a matte yellow and black colorway with Lance Armstrong’s signature on the helmets.

They feature Giro’s new RocLoc 5 retention system which has a micro-adjusting dial which is easy to use. A simple twist of the dial opens the retention system of the helmet. It also has ergonomic arms to accommodate Giro eyewear, and a 15mm vertical bracket which you can adjust without removing your helmet.

Other features of Giro Ionos are retained like the In-Mold Composite frame, 21 air vents, X-Static helmet padding and super fit engineering. The two new helmets are available in small, medium and large sizes. The Giro Ionos Lance Edition helmets retails at £169.99.

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