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2012 Lake CX331 and CX331W Road Cycling Shoes

2012 lake cx331 and cx331w road cycling shoes   2012 Lake CX331 and CX331W Road Cycling Shoes

Lake has launched its second custom fit model of cycling shoes for 2012. Named CX331, this road cycling shoe features a minimalist side-mount design and a Boa closure system that holds the feet tight for maximum comfort during intense riding viagra online prices activities.

Like the CX331 shoes, the women-specific version named CX331W has internal carbon fiber heel counters, which effectively form the shoe to the rider’s foot after it is heated. A standard oven can be used for heating the shoe before manually shaping it around the heel to optimize a custom fit.

Lining the tongue and heel of the 2012 Lake CX331 and CX331W Road Cycling Shoes is a material called Outlast Smart Fabric. This material offsets body temperature change. The shoes also feature an all-carbon three-hole college paper and Kangaroo leather mesh upper.

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2012 Lake MX236 Mountain Bike Shoe

2012 lake mx236 mountain bike shoe   2012 Lake MX236 Mountain Bike Shoe

For 2012, Lake has launched a mountain bike shoe called MX236, which is highly recommended for aspiring cycling champions. With these shoes, mountain bike riders can tackle all generic viagra buy usa the elements on the trail while staying comfortable.

Instead of kangaroo leather, Lake used the conventional cow variety in the MX236. The mountain bike shoe features a full carbon sole reinforced with rubber, and at the rear is the unique Boa lacing mechanism.

Combining reliable performance and maximum comfort, the 2012 Lake MX236 Mountain Bike Shoe is perfect for serious racers and riders. Despite its amazing features, the shoe is affordable. However, it will only be available for male riders.

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